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# Thumbnail Reference code Title Dates Access restrictions
1 N/A CA ON0034 30-003-S11-F6 Central Intelligence Agency 1953-1974 None
2 N/A CA ON0034 30-003-S11-F14 Copy of Original : (Military Archives Division) [Memorandum for the president] [1942 or 1972] None
3 N/A CA ON0034 30-003-S11-F7 Foreign UFO sightings described in U.S. government files 1975-1980 None
4 N/A CA ON0034 30-003-S11-F18 Intelligence : Unidentified Flying Objects (OF) [ca. 1966] None
5 N/A CA ON0034 30-003-S11-F16 Inter-Galactic Spacecraft … a head memorandum 1993 : Congressional Records … 1960 1960-1993 None
6 N/A CA ON0034 30-003-S11-F13 JANAP 146 (D) Canadian - United States communications instructions … JANAP 146 (E) February 1959-March 1966 None
7 N/A CA ON0034 30-003-S11-F19 Memorandum Opinion. United States district court for the District of Columbia 1980 None
8 N/A CA ON0034 30-003-S11-F9 MUFON UFO Journal 1985 None
9 N/A CA ON0034 30-003-S11-F17 Petition for a writ of Certiorari to the United States court of appeals for the District of Columbia circuit January 1982 None
10 N/A CA ON0034 30-003-S11-F11 The top secret investigation begins. Appendix R: letter from General N.F. Twining to Commanding General, Army Air Forces None
11 N/A CA ON0034 30-003-S11-F12 Transmittal sheet: "Processing Reports of Sightings of Space Vehicle Fragments" June 1967 None
12 N/A CA ON0034 30-003-S11-F5 UFO/Helicopter Overflights of U.S.A.F. Bases in 1975 1975-1979 None
13 N/A CA ON0034 30-003-S11-F8 UFOs: What to do? 1965 None
14 N/A CA ON0034 30-003-S11-F15 United Nations (N.Y., USA) : General Assembly's minutes 1971-1978 None
15 N/A CA ON0034 30-003-S11-F1 Untitled miscellaneous documents [UFO sighting documents] (1 of 4) 1950-[1981?] None
16 N/A CA ON0034 30-003-S11-F2 Untitled miscellaneous documents [UFO sighting documents] (2 of 4) 1950-[196-?] None
17 N/A CA ON0034 30-003-S11-F3 Untitled miscellaneous documents [UFO sighting documents] (3 of 4) 1950-1968 None
18 N/A CA ON0034 30-003-S11-F4 Untitled miscellaneous documents [UFO sighting documents] (4 of 4) 1947-[1958?] None
19 N/A CA ON0034 30-003-S11-F10 William Moore's special selection of significant government and private UFO documents 1947-1980 None