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L’udovít Kandra fonds English
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L’udovít Kandra fonds

  • CA ON0034 20-003
  • Fonds
  • 1938-1983, predominant 1944-1983

The fonds consists of handwritten notes, drafts, holograph and typed manuscripts, galley proofs, printed texts and newspaper clippings of L’udovít Kandra’s extensive literary production of novels, short stories and articles.

A large portion of the fonds also gathers the correspondence exchanged between Mr. Kandra and his family, his friends, other Slovak emigrants and members of various political and lobbying groups. Another significant portion of the fonds consists of administrative papers, correspondence and publications related to the Svetový Kongres Slovákov (Slovak World Congress) and to Slovenská Národná Rada v Zahraničí (Slovak National Council Abroad) including the Demokratický Blok (Slovak Democratic Block Abroad). A smaller portion of the fonds consists of various pieces of information collected by Mr. Kandra on topics related to Slovak political and social history since World War II. Some personal papers, memorabilia and a few photographs constitute the remainder of the fonds.

The L’udovít Kandra fonds constitutes the most complete collection of primary, secondary and tertiary sources for the study of this prolific Slovak emigrant author’s literary production. It contains most of his works published under the pen name of Peter Klas, a major portion of his articles, conference papers and other works published under his real name, L’udovít Kandra, as well as numerous critical reviews of his work. The correspondence portion of the fonds constitutes a unique source of information on L’udovít Kandra’s personal, professional and social life. It also provides us with a most interesting insight into the lives of his fellow countrymen living abroad, with a particular emphasis on Slovaks living in Canada. The fonds offers researchers a significant collection of papers and documents related to two major international Organizations (SKS and SNRvZ) devoted to the recognition, maintenance and growth of Slovak tradition and culture among the Slovak diaspora.

A certain portion of documents contained in the fonds originate from the 1939-1945 period, but the bulk of the material dates from the time of Kandra’s arrival in Canada in 1949 to the time of his death in 1993. Most documents are in good condition.

Kandra, L’udovít

Literary works under pen name "Peter Klas"

This series consists of documents relating to novels Satan proti Bohu, Svetio pod halenou, Tvarou proti stene and Za morom, poems, song collection Ohlas piesní slovenských, the three-act play Sveto pod halenou, short story collections Na cudzej hrude, Kaviareň sv Bonifáca, Rozkvitnútá jabloň, Savätá dedina, Na strome žívota and Ecce Home by Ľudovit Kandra under the "Peter Klas" pen name and an English translation by Paroslav Vojda of an unknown Ľudovit Kandra's short story. It contains manuscripts with revisions, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, notes, a letter, a transcription, notebooks, draft and copies with annotations of short stories, content lists, a preliminary and revised version of The lasting footprint.


This subseries consists of documents relating to the writing and preparation of Ľudovit Kandra's four novels Satan proti Bohu, Svetio pod halenou, Tvarou proti stene and Za morom, the 50th jubilee of the Canadian Slovak League and the publication in book form of Satan proti Bohu. It contains manuscripts with revisions, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, notes and a letter.

Svetlo pod halenou

This novel was first published as a series in the bi-weekly Slovenská Obrana in 1960 and in book form by Prvá Katolícka Slovenská, Jednota in Cleveland, Ohio in 1974.

Tvarou proti stene

This sub-subseries consists of documents relating to Ľudovit Kandra's unfinished novel Tvarou proti stene. It contains a manuscript of the novel Tvarou proti stene.

Za morom

This sub-subseries consists of background information collected by Ľudovit Kandra's for the writing of the intended novel Za morom. It contains newspaper clippings, notes, pamphlets and a letter.

Za morom - Background information

  • CA ON0034 20-003-S1-SS1-SS4-F1
  • File
  • December 1951, 28 October 1953, October 1957, 1968, 5 May 1971-26 January 1977
  • Part of L’udovít Kandra fonds

This file consists of background information such as the Slovak question during World War II, the Jewish question, the insurrection, certains individuals such as Konštantin Čuleň and Jozef Tišo collected by Ľudovit Kandra's for the writing of the intended novel Za morom. It contains newspaper clippings, notes, pamphlets, including Memorandum of the Ustredna Roda Martina Razusa, ročník 2, číslo 3-4 issue of Rozľady perspective, ročník 3, číslo 8 issue of Kotva and a letter.
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