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Business and Professional Women's Club of Ottawa fonds Séries
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Administrative documents

This series consists of documents relating to the beginning, constitution, rules and by-laws, administration, procedures, membership, resolutions and staffing of the Business and Professional Women's Club of Ottawa (BPWCO), the Business and Professional Women`s Clubs of Ontario (BPWCO) and the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs (CFBPWC). It contains by-laws, constitutions, resolutions, amendments, membership forms, handbooks, manuals, notes, newsletters, mailings, guidelines, proposals, articles, newspaper clippings, completed membership application and registration forms, pamphlets, flyers, lists, contracts, invoices and job descriptions.


This series consists of documents relating to the publications of Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs (CFBPWC), Business and Professional Women's Club of Ottawa (BPWCO), Business and Professional Women's Clubs of Ontario (BPWCO) and the International Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs' periodicals. It contains letters, notes, a registration form, an update, a pamphlet, a biography, reports, a flyer, a list of BPW executive members, invitations, a contact sheet, a business card and issues of the publications Benefit law bulletin, Can we talk?, Equality, Internews, Newsletter, Ontario messenger, Widening horizons, With enthusiasm and faith: history of Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs = Fédération canadienne des clubs de femmes de carrières libérales et commerciales (FCCFCLC), 1930-1982 and Women in control = Les femmes se prennent en main. The issues of periodicals and publications have been integrated to the Women's Archives periodical and publication collections.


This series consists of documents collected by the Business and Professional Women's Club of Ottawa (BPWCO) on subjects such as abortion, affirmative action, benefits, the British North American Act, the Canadian Constitution, the Canadian space program, the Charter of Rights and Freedom, the Conference of Child Poverty in Ontario, Kingston Penitentiary's first women warden Mary Dawson, daycare, discrimination in insurance practice, elderly women, employment equity, equal rights, farming in Africa, fees for Gatineau Park, Forum '85, international affairs, local business, 1988 municipal election, pension reform, the Person Case, politics, the 1985 provincial election, provincial legislation, public life, Royal Committee on Reproductive Technologies, sexism in business and the media, violence against women and women and the military. It contains correspondence, pamphlets, memorandums, lists, statements, fact sheets, Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC)'s position on abortion, a check sheet, a petition, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, manuals, proposals, a paper, booklet, articles, fact sheets, resolutions, notes, issue #3, March 1985 issue of the publication Day Care Advocate, flyers, an update, proceedings' minutes, a presentation, Hansard official report of debates, no. 39, an agenda and a photocopied caricature.


This series consists of documents relating to various Business and Professional Women's Club of Ottawa (BPWCO)'s Conference, Executive, Federation Promotion, Five-Year Planning, Flower, Membership, Ottawa Convention, Personal Development, Planning, Program, Provincial Conference, Public Affairs and Status of Women, Publicity and Public Relations, Registration, Resolutions, By-Laws and Regulations, Search, Services Social Office, Twinning and Ways and Means Committees. It contains lists, reports, meetings' minutes, financial statements, blank and completed BPWCO's membership application forms, recommendations, regulations, summaries, manuals, notes, memorandums, resumes, a membership card, photocopied cheques, requirements, agendas, newsletters, announcement, guidelines, newspaper clippings, balance sheet, news releases, a petition, pamphlets, programs, biographies, income, receipts and disbursement statements, reports, personal fact, evaluation and supplementary score sheets, Condition of loan and application form, a timetable, program's requirements, proposals, information kits, a business card, sign-up sheets, an order form for the Leading ladies by Jean Bannerman, flyers, the update Beyond the image, booklets, program schedules, a map of Carling Avenue, photographs, suggested by-laws amendments and additions, submissions, a media release and an excerpt of a brochure.


This series consists of documents relating to Business and Professional Women's Club of Ottawa (BPWCO)'s annual, board, Christmas dinner, dinner, District #5, executive, general, monthly, planning, post-annual and regular meetings held between 1933 and 1994. It contains meetings' minutes, reports, correspondence, memorandums, lists, a Newsletter`s sign-up sheet, financial statements, a prayer, a speech, budgets, synopsis of addresses, an index of publications, resolutions, by-laws, regulations, agendas, summaries of meetings, blank membership and registration forms, flyers, a log book, lists, schedules, notices of motion to amend by-laws, a proposal for a community development program, a United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, proposed amendments to by-laws, a business card, balance sheets, income statements, an announcement, a calendar, an administrative history, Chelsea Club's house rules, a pamphlet, menus, contracts, slate of officers, a statement regarding shipment of parcel to Great Britain, a Mabel Mackay's tribute, suggestions for increasing club membership, a nomination form for the election of officers, notes, testimonials on Cairice Nelson, text on the Elsie Gregory-MacGill memorial, a questionnaire for a panel discussion, an Education Assistance Loan Fund condition of loan and application form, a constitution, 1933-1959 entries of minutes book relating to the Club House Project and a free structure study.


This series consists of documents relating to reports from various Business and Professional Women's Club of Ottawa (BPWCO) and Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women's Club (CFBPWC)'s branches, events and members, among others, Citizenship Group, Hospitality Committee, Dessert Bridge Party and Membership Secretary, detailing the BPWCO's activities between 1943 and 1992. It contains reports, financial statements, an attendance sheet, lists of conveners and executive members, volume 7, number 7, February 1967 issue of the Ontario messenger, correspondence, highlights, budgets, notes, summaries, messages from the president, statements of bonds, receipts, disbursements, incomes and expenditures, memorandums, indexes, newspaper clippings, emergency resolutions, a blank membership application form, a card, invoices, an Agnes S. Tilley's tribute and the CFBPWC's Strategic Long Range Planning Committee's mission and goal statements, objectives, recommendations and summary of expected results.


This file consists of correspondence and accompanying material sent and received by Business and Professional Women's Club of Ottawa (BPWCO)'s members relating to events, subjects and organizations, among others, "Women and the Constitution" Conference, the Belleville Business and Professional Women's Club 25th birthday party, the Ontario Law Reform Commission on family property law and the Canadian Feminist Party of Canada. It contains letters, year-end statements of receipts, disbursements, greeting cards, budgets, photocopied and original newspaper clippings, pamphlets, notes, lists, a seating arrangement, reports, mailings, a citation, press releases, a short Marion Adams Macpherson biography, 1973-1974 stamp of expenditures, amendments to the rules of procedures, a communication, a check list, resolutions, flyers, a summary of Ontario Property Law recommendations, The human rights bulletin, a petition, a fact sheet on discrimination, a menu, invitations, newsletters, agendas, booklets, notices, articles, a purchase order, receipts, a program flow, a business card, proposals and forms.


This series consists of documents relating to finances, state of accounts, investments, bonds, donations and the event "Not-Quite Sotheby's" fundraising auction held in June 1985. It contains account ledgers and books, statements, lists, correspondence, budgets, proposed budgets, balance sheets, flyers, reports, Fundraising Committee's meetings' minutes, notes, 1984-1985 BPWCO's membership directory, business cards, invoices, two copies of the "Not-Quite Sotheby's" fundraising auction catalogue, Public Archives and National Library's Auditorium and Board Room's facilities' guidelines, a calendar of activities, rates comparison charts, a memorandum, CFBPWC's annual fees form and checklist for clubs' secretaries and treasurers.


This series consists of documents relating to the planning and publicity of the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs (CFBPWC)'s Biennial Conventions, the Business and Professional Women's Clubs of Ontario (BPWCO)'s Annual Provincial Conferences, programs, events and workshops sponsored by CFBPWC's branches. It contains a lyric book, programs, mandates, memorandums, menus, newspaper clippings, lists, notices of motions, proposed amendments, resolutions, reports, booklets, comparison charts of expenditures, incomes, costs, statements and distributions of membership by clubs and size of clubs, the president's manual, a submission, minutes, flyers, forms, a notice of annual meeting, by-laws, Skyline Hotel floor plan, the BPW Women's Choice Award's budget, queries, contracts, Flora MacDonald's address, invitations, booklets, comments on proposed resolutions, a personal development seminar evaluation, volume 32, number 2, April 1987 issue of Ontario messenger, invoices, newspaper clippings, motions, notes, press releases, minutes, invoices, a chronology of events and guidelines, a visitor's book, invitations, draft of an agenda, a mock-up copy of a auction catalogue, fax transmission slips, a speaker's return form, guide and fact sheets, a proposal, testimonies, outlines, resumes, Jocelyn Côté-O'Hara biography and an interview.

Other organizations

This series consists of documents sent and collected by the Business and Professional Women's Club of Ottawa (BPWCO) relating to the planning and publicity of events, seminars and other events sponsored by other organizations, among others, the National Action Committee on the Status of Women (NAC), Bosnian Children Relief and Parliament Canada. It contains information kits, pamphlets, correspondence, booklets, reports, articles, procedures, newspaper clippings, black and white photographs, Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women (CACSW)'s Shocking pink paper, fact sheets, resolutions, forms, lists, an address, a program, notes, questionnaires, Louise Dulude's biographical sketch, a memorandum, proceedings, by-laws and a calendar of activities.
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