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L’udovít Kandra fonds Series English
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Literary works under pen name "Peter Klas"

This series consists of documents relating to novels Satan proti Bohu, Svetio pod halenou, Tvarou proti stene and Za morom, poems, song collection Ohlas piesní slovenských, the three-act play Sveto pod halenou, short story collections Na cudzej hrude, Kaviareň sv Bonifáca, Rozkvitnútá jabloň, Savätá dedina, Na strome žívota and Ecce Home by Ľudovit Kandra under the "Peter Klas" pen name and an English translation by Paroslav Vojda of an unknown Ľudovit Kandra's short story. It contains manuscripts with revisions, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, notes, a letter, a transcription, notebooks, draft and copies with annotations of short stories, content lists, a preliminary and revised version of The lasting footprint.

Editorials, articles, book reviews, lectures, etc. by Ľudovit Kandra

This series consists of documents relating to editorials, articles, book reviews, speeches and other works by L'udovit Kandra some published in various newspaper, calendars and other publications. It contains editorials, articles, book reviews, lectures and other works, lists, bibliographies, notes and newspaper clippings published between 1945 and 1983.

Personal correspondence

This series consists of documents relating to L'udovit Kandra's personal correspondence with family members, friends, fellow members of Slovak associations, other writers, publication associates, countrymen in Slovakia and other European countries and emigrés in various part of the world, mostly in Canada and the United States between 1950 and 1983. It contains letters, greeting cards with salutations, telegrams, form letters, postcards and accompanying documents such as photographs, newspaper clippings, programs, texts, printed invitations, pamphlets, poems, a photocopied article, a photocopied Karol Murgaš's International Platford Association membership certificate, a publication order list from the Slovak Institute of Cyril and Methodius in Rome, flyers, notes, lists of publications published by Jozef M. Kirschbaum and L'udovit Kandra's publications, a biographical sketch, scripts, invoices, a holy card of Jesus Christ, a souvenir pamphlet, proposed content for Slovenský exil rokoch, 1975, memorandums, a ticket, cheque vouchers, receipts, business cards, An exhibit of Slovak art's catalogue, a mailgram, aerogrammes, comments to Ryan poll, a draft of Matica Slovenska, a communiqué, announcements, membership application forms, two maps of Slovakia and a notebook.

Documents related to the author's personal life and personal memorabilia

This series consists of documents relating to L'udovit Kandra's personal life including courses he attended, employment, membership to organizations, citizenship, 74th, 75th, 76th birthday celebration, 50th wedding anniversary, honours and literary legacy. It contains letters, first page forms and examination certificates, L'udovit Kandra's marked exams, an American School's certificate membership, pamphlets, texts, Slovak World Congress (SWC)'s membership cards, two copies of certificate of appreciation, newspaper clippings, articles, notes, speeches, lists, a song sheet and fourteen colour photographs.


This series consists of documents collected by L'udovit Kandra on various subjects, among others, Slovak history, politics, linguistics and authors. It contains newspaper clippings, articles, texts, letters, pamphlets, copies of various publications on Lutherism and Slovakia, the Supreme Court of Ontario case no. 258/1974, lists, a black and white photograph, commemorative, Christmas and Slovak flag stamps, emblems and anthems.

Political and lobbying groups' memoirs and documents

This series consists of documents by political and lobbying groups, among others, the Association of Slovak in Great Britain, Central European Federal Clubs and the Martin Rázus Council of Slovak Protestants (Ústredna Rada Martina Rázusa v Zahraničí) relating to Slovakia's independence, recognition and human rights issues . It contains memorandums, proceedings, pamphlets, an exposé, letters, a statement of aims, an Open. letter, newspaper clippings, lists, a manifesto, notes, programs, pamphlets, texts and a speech.

Slovak diaspora after WWII

This file consists of documents collected by L'udovit Kandra produced by fellow Slovak countrymen in various countries following World War II relating to, among others, the condition of Slovak immigration between 1948 and 1972 and the public activities of Slovak expatriates. It contains correspondence, received and produced by L'udovit Kandra in a personal capacity and accompanying material linked to Kandra's functions in Slovak National Council Abroad (Slovenská národná rada v zahraničí) (SNRvZ) and Martin Rázus Council of Slovak Protestants (Ústredna Rada Martina Rázusa v Zahraničí), pamphlets, texts, articles, aerogrammes, newspaper clippings, a communiqué, a biographical sketch, form letters, a postcard, printed invitations, business cards, a greeting card with salutations, lists, reports, a telegram, a Slovak National Council Abroad's membership application form, concurrent resolution from the United States' House of Representatives, a questionnaire, a radio broadcast presentation on Slovak music, a publication on the 80th birthday of Jozef Paučo, a announcement and a ticket to a Msgr. Miloš K. Mlynarovič's poetry reading held at the Slovak-American Centre in New York and a cheque voucher.


This series of consists of documents collected by L'udovit Kandra detailing his and fellow Slovak intellectuals' involvement in various Slovak organizations, among others, the Slovak World Congress, Slovak National Council (Slovenská národná rada v zahraničí (SNRvZ), Slovak Democratic Block Abroad (Slovenský Demokratický Blok) and the Martin Rázus Council of Slovak Protestants (Ústredna Rada Martina Rázusa v Zahraničí). It contains lists, texts, draft and typed version of L'udovit Kandra's articles, newspaper clippings, letters, form letters, reports, proposals, programs, proceedings, tickets, the Pick Congress Hotel publicity brochure, extension of remarks from Congressional records, poems, meetings' minutes, agendas, statutes, notes, proclamations, position papers, newsletters, bulletins, black and white photographs, aerogrammes, agreements, an invoice, an address, postcards, excerpts to rules, rights to general assemblies, completed membership forms, transcripts of interviews, excerpts from Count Szembek's 1933-1939 journal, Karol Sidor's funeral card and printed announcement, certificates of Post Office registrations, communiqués, messages, comments, a speech, greeting cards with salutations, a coalition brief, a mandate and an official memorandum