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Eaton's strike rally records

The file contains notices and posters for rallies supporting the women workers of Eaton's department store in Toronto, Ontario.

75th Anniversary - UWCO Banner 1910-1985

This object consist of a blanket with woven decorations. The decorations are the Parliament tour, and tulips. In each flowers has been sween an inscription: Human Rights Institute, Margerite Ritchie (Qc.) - Women's suffrage - Margaret Maclellan, C.F.U.W president 1961-1964 - Family Law and Education Workshops - Briefs on pensions pornography and generic drigs - Status of Women - [Alitta Marty First woman IID.] - Ottawa Club Founded 1910 - Ruth Bell National President, The Roster - Red Cross WWI and II - Alice E. Wilson - IFUW Refuge Fund - CFUW 1st Meeting 1920 - Mental Health - Madri-Gals Sing to Seniors - Diplomatic Hospitality and Snowshoeing - Triennials 31, 52, 73 - Miriam Sheridan Civic Hospital Volunteers - Dorothy Soras Step by step school Volunteers - Heritage - Ottawa - Dorothy Haberty Elizabeth Fry Society - Ottawa Little Theatre Club - Marleen Macfarlene ABC - Dominion Play writing Competition Prize 1913 - Charlotte Whitton Mayor.
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