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Archives et collections spéciales/Archives and Special Collections Sub-sub series
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Slovak Democratic Block Abroad (Slovenský Demokratický Blok)

This sub-subseries consists of correspondence and accompanying material between L'udovit Kandra within his various functions in the Slovak National Council Abroad (Slovenská národná rada v zahraničí (SNRvZ)) and officers relating to the Slovak Democratic Block Abroad (Slovenský Demokratický Blok )'s business and activities and the administration of Slovak organizations, among others, the Slovak National Council Abroad, Slovak Democratic Block Abroad (Slovenský Demokratický Blok), Slovak Studies Center (Slovensko Studijne Stredisko), Slovak Writers and Artists Association (Spolok Slovenských Spisovateľov a Umelcov) and the Mutual Co-operation League of Canada. It contains letters, Christmas cards with salutations, a form letter, a printed announcement, statutes, constitutions, programs, financial, secretary and annual reports, members and board members lists, a coalition brief, a receipt, resolutions, transcription of articles containing a speech and a manifesto, newspaper clippings, mostly from Katolický Sokol, Kanadský Slovák, Slovenská Obrana and New Yorksý Denník and number 1, April 1956 issue of the Slovak Democratic Block Abroad's bulletin Informacny obeznik.

Na cudzej hrude

This collection of short stories was not published as a separate work. It contains 31 pieces, most of which have been published in annuals, almanachs and newspapers. Information concerning publication has been taken from holograph notes appearing on many of the manuscripts and/or from a list of published works included by the author.

Na strome žívota

This work is a collection of 26 short stories, published in book form by Bosák Publications from Scranton, Pennsylvania, in 1959. In his various bibliographies of works, and on the Fonds contents list included by the author, Na strome života is described as a specific unit, in the same manner as the other works included in the fonds. Yet, the fonds does not include a copy of the actual book, nor does it contain a separate “File” gathering the 26 short stories in question. Selected from other collected works (not published as books), the manuscripts of these 26 short stories have been listed and described, where found, i.e. within Files 1 to 4 of Section E. Thus, “File 5” is a “fantom” file, except for a notebook described in the next folder. Based on a note by the author on one of the lists, which reads “Cvičné vydanie,” and taking into account the dichotomies between the “1959” edition published by Bosák Publications edition and the later dates of certain works said to have been part of this work, there seems to have been more than one edition of Na strome života, but no specifics could be found for any of them.

Ecce Homo

This series of short stories was not published as a separate collection. According to the author’s notes included in the fonds “Ecce Homo” is a series of 19 (20?) novelettes, each one published under a different subtitle in various periodicals, almanachs and annuals.The actual manuscripts are not part of the fonds, but publication information for each title can be found on the various lists of publications included by the author.
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