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Archives et collections spéciales/Archives and Special Collections Sub-series
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Biographical Information

Sub series consists of obituaries, head shots, photocopies and original copies of newspaper articles, correspondence and other material related to the life and death of Wilbert Smith.


Sub series consists of Wilbert Smith's correspondence with various individuals pertaining to encounters with UFOs, inquiries into UFOs and electromagnetism, the invention of a Radiant Energy Machine, Wilbert Smith's personal life and research, and other topics concerning UFOs. This sub series also contains some leaflets, flyers, pieces of glass, essays, photographs, drawings, pamphlets, photocopies of newspaper articles, and other material associated with the provided correspondence.

Ontario Arts Council

This subseries contains grant applications through the Ontario Arts Council.

Submission administration

This subseries contains submission documents related to the administrative side of issue development.


This subseries consists of documents relating to correspondence sent and received by L'udovit Kandra from family, friends, members from Slovak organizations, other writers, publication associates, countrymen in Slovakia and other European countries and fellow emigres in various part of the world, mostly Canada and the United States in 1979. It contains letters, newspaper clippings, greeting cards with saluations, draft of Matica Slovenska's constitution, form letters, notes, poems, copy of text List Michal Lošonského Patrovi Klasovi from Radio Free Europe, postcards and a program.

Slovak National Council Abroad/Slovenský národná rada v zahraničí (SNRvZ)

This subseries consists of documents relating to the Slovak National Council Abroad (Slovenský Národná Rada v Zahraničí) (SNRvZ)'s administration, statutes and correspondence and its link with other organizations, among others, Slovak Democratic Block Abroad (Slovenský Demokratický Blok) and the Martin Rázus Council of Slovak Protestants (Ústredna Rada Martina Rázusa v Zahraničí). It contains statutes, draft of texts from individuals and SNRvZ's Constitution Working Group, notes, proclamations, programs, position papers, meetings' minutes, form letters, letters, administrative, annual and secretary's reports, lists, receipts, issue 1-2 of the SNRvZ's Bulletin, black and white photographs, newspaper clippings, aerogrammes, agreements, an invoice, an address, postcards, proposals, excerpts rules, rights to general assemblies, completed membership forms, transcript of of interviews, number 9 of the International Federation of Free Journalists' Bulletin, an agenda, excerpts from Count John Szembek's 1933-1939 journal, Karol Sidor's funeral card and printed announcement, number 3 SNRvZ's Bulletin, business cards, certificates of post office registrations, draft of a secretary's report, communiqués, texts, messages, a poem, greeting cards with salutations, comments, an air-mail post card, number 21 of the Internationaler Juristenkongress Press Information, a speech, an agreement, telegrams, volume 1, number 1-2 of the Committee of Hungarians of Czechoslovakia's communiqué Under the yoke, Slovak Legion's short biography, blank membership forms, a coalition brief, resolutions, transcription of articles containing a speech and a manifesto, number 1, April 1956 issue of the Slovak Democratic Block Abroad (Slovenský Demokratiský Blok) s bulletin Informacny obeznik, a mandate, an official memorandum, proceedings and debates of the 84th Congress published in Congressional Record.

Lists of works

This subseries consists of documents detailing L'udovit Kandra's works, such as editorials, articles, novels, short stories, written between 1945 and 1983. It contains bibliographies and lists of published and unpublished works.


This subseries contains documents related to communication with and from the Broadside collective including inquiries, correspondence, and contact lists.

Personal material

This subseries includes personal correspondence and material from collective members.


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