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Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Developing a Skilled Workforce of Women

This file contains a paper by Madeleine Comeau. The paper is adapted from a presentation made to the Provincial Apprenticeship Board of Nova Scotia in May, 1995, by Madeline Comeau, President of Workplace Equity Services, a consulting firm based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Madeline COmeau was a member of WITT Nova Scotia and WITT National Network.

Diverse perspectives. A selection of works by 37 members of the slide registry of Nova Scotia Women Artists

This file contains a booklet "Diverse Perspectives", related to the selection of work by 37 members of the slide registry of Nova Scotia Women Artists in Celebration of its tenth anniversary and the United Nations Decade for Women. The exhibition was prepared by Mern O'Brien, guest curator at the Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery from 19 September to the 13 October 1985.

A Role Modelling Kit For Kindergarten – Grade Three

This file consists of a role modelling kit that Women in Trades and Technology (WITT) National Network contracted WITT Nova Scotia to develop. It was designed to facilitate local WITT groups in providing role modelling programs for young children. This guide was used to plan and organize classroom visits. The guide provides background information that demonstrates why role modelling is important for girls in this age group; the steps and process to guide local WITT Groups, as well as female role models and educators in preparing for classroom visits; a suggested list of activities to use before, during and after classroom visits; details on setting up and using the Tool Trunks; a bibliography that includes resources about other role modelling programs.

Working it Out

This file contains a 50 page publication. The publication aims to understand what characterizes the work environment women encounter every day. It emphasizes how workplace culture has an impact on diverse women in trades and technology.

Gay Alliance for Equality

This file consists of documents relating to the planning of the Atlantic Gay Conference and to the Toronto bathhouse arrests. It contains newspaper clippings, correspondence, flyers and the October 5th, 1979 issue of the periodical, “Have You Heard?”

Halifax Women's Centre

This file contains correspondence, a flyer with a proposal for a transient house, a pamphlet and a program supplement. The file also contains the September 1978 issue of Halifax's "A Woman's Place Newsletter."

National and Local Reports

This file contains national and local committee reports of the Canadian Sistren tour and includes budgets, expenditures, promotional material, press releases, correspondence, and news clippings.
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