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Archives et collections spéciales/Archives and Special Collections Sudbury, Ontario
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Healthsharing - Newsletter

This file consists of documents related to the first issue of Healthsharing Newsletter and to a panel on postpartum depression. The file contains correspondence, a subscription form, a pamphlet, newspaper clippings and a questionnaire.

International Women's Day Committee - Toronto, Ontario - Events sponsored

This file consists of documents relating to events, such as Tatyana Manovona's visit to Canada, Take Back the Night, and the Irwin Toy strike. The file contains flyers, leaflets on Sisterns and a newspaper clipping on the Irwin Toy strike.

The file also contains a booklet on Feminist dissident, Tatyana Manovona, a brief on daycare, a pamphlet and a Take Back the Night information sheet.

Sudbury Women’s Action Group

This file consists of documents on subjects such as the activities of the Sudbury Women's Action Group and subjects such as midwifery, pension, pay equity and the Charter of Rights. The file contains the booklet, “The Charter of Rights and Freedoms: what's in it for women?,” briefs, presentations, a constitution and a pamphlet.

Sudbury Women’s Centre / Centre des femmes de Sudbury

This file contains leaflets announcing activities such as the forum, “Prévention des abus sexuels” and “Pornography in perspectives.” The file includes the October 1985 calendar of activities, a booklet on services for women and the guide, “Women in action in northern Ontario: a handbook.”

Women Healing Inc.

This file consists of documents relating to Women Healing Inc.'s mission statement, conference planning and program. It contains a letter of support, a mission statement, a program and a table of content.

Women in Trades (WIT) - National conference of Women in Trade

This file consists of documents relating to the National Conference of Women in Trades hosted by the Manitoba Women in Trades Association In Winnipeg. It contains leaflets, a registration form, correspondence, lists of members of the Ad Hoc National Planning Committee and Advisors to the Ad Hoc Committee, a draft agenda, background information and a booklet.
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