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Gay Alliance Towards Equality (GATE) - Promotional material

This file consists of promotional documents relating to the Gay Alliance Towards Equality’s events and activities.

It contains a statement of principles, organization pamphlets and pamphlets from the Gay Alliance Towards Equality (GATE). The file contains correspondence, flyers, press releases and news clippings.

This file also contains a calendar of events, the brief: “The Homosexual Minority and the Ontario Human Rights Code” and discussion papers.

This file includes the 1975 and 1977-1978 issues of the newsletter, “Gay Rising.”

Gay Asians Toronto

This file contains flyers promoting the "Talking Sex" workshop, as well as "Celebr-Asian" and "Celebration '84" events. The file contains a letter inviting members to the Gay Asians Toronto anniversary celebration.

Gay Community Appeal

This file consists of documents relating to the Gay Community Appeal, its finances, publications and events.

The file contains correspondence, project funding guidelines, flyers for various events and pamphlets for the Tri-Aid Charitable Foundation and GCA. The file includes a statement of revenues and expenses, Fruit Cocktail souvenir programs and an application form for project funding.

The file includes the winter 1984 and summer 1985 issues of “Gay Community Appeal of Toronto's Newsletter.”

Gay Community Calendar

This file consists of documents relating to Gay Community Calendar's "923-Gays: A 24 Recorded Message." The file contains documents concerning the organization's financial situation and its Community Brunch. It contains correspondence, a financial report and flyers.

Anna Project - Proposal

This file contains the project description, goals, objectives and funding. The file includes a final report, as well as press clippings with reviews of the play "This is for you Anna." The file also includes the play's flyers.
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