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Toronto, Ontario
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Women in action Join in

Poster with pink and white text, pale purple background, showing blue, pink and green photographs of women playing sport.

Women in celebration

Pink and purple blue poster with picture of women and white text. The poster publicized an event at the Bickford Centre at Toronto held in April 9th, 1994.

Affirmative action

Poster with black, green and purple background showing a drawing of women's faces. On the left side, the poster gives a description of Affirmative action office's mission and services.

Everyday Everywhere 1991

White porter with green, pink and black text. At the top, the poster shows a black picture with a blue and white planet and snow flakes. This poster publicized the Lesbian and Gay Pride Day in Toronto held the June 30th, 1991.

Women's Psychology

White poster with black text, red and blue title, and a copy of Joyce-Wieland's work, " What They do at Sunrise". At the top is mentioned with a felt-tip marker "Now Available".
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