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Impetus - The Black Woman: Proceedings of the Fourth National Congress of Black Women of Canada

This item consists of a booklet related to the “Fourth National Congress of Black Women of Canada,” held in Windsor, Ontario, on August 19-21, 1977. The Congress was organized by the Hour-A-Day Study Club, as well as a planning committee representing black women from the Maritimes, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec.

The Congress theme was “Impetus – The Black Woman." The booklet contains a history of Hour-A-Day Study Club and summaries of papers presented in workshops at the Congress.

The main subjects were: Adult and Early Childhood Education; Youth, Immigration and Human Rights; Consciousness Raising of the Multicultural Woman; and Economics and Small Business.

Morgentaler Clinic plate 1

This item consists of the Toronto Morgentaler Clinic vandalized brass plaque. This item is covered in red nail polish simulating blood and has texts "Baby killer" and "F--ing disgusting" carved in the plate. Another plate less damaged is kept in the CWMA Collection (See I2).

Group with Amy Gottlieb, Jackie Larkin, Marion Pollock, Sarah Diamond, Mitch and Wiesa Kolaskinska participating at the Fifth Bi-National Lesbian Conference, Vancouver

Inscribed in black pen on verso: "Lesbian Conference, Vancouver 1981 (L-R) ?, Amy Gotllieb, Jackie Larkin, Marion Polock, ?, Sarah Diamond, ?, ?, in front Mitch, Wiesia Kolosinska".

Unidentified women, including Carolyn Egan, standing in line during a self-defence course at Amazon Self-Defence, [Toronto]

Inscribed in blue pen and pencil on verso: "Laura Jones" and "Amazon Self Defence". Photographer's stamp on verso: "Baldwin Street Gallery of Photography, 23 Baldwin Street, Toronto 130, Ontario". From file: Amazon Self-Defence Amanda Bankier. Content of image: second from left Carolyn Egan.

Amazon Print Shop interior view with Lynn Kirk sitting and pointing with woman standing looking at camera

From file: The Amazon Press- Amanda Bankier. The Amazon Print Shop. Content of image: The Amazon Print Shop. Slip of paper attached on item I0846 said: Holly with Gestetner press at Amazon Workshop opening. Information from other sources: The Amazon Print Shop was adopted by The Other Woman on December 1st, 1976. Source: announcement of the Press's opening in The Other Woman, vol. 4, no. 6, November- December 1976. Item I0841 appeared in the above article. Inscribed in light blue felt and blue pen: "Amanda Bankier".
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