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Sier[s?] Chin Photograph Collection

  • CA ON0034 10-145
  • Fondo
  • [1974] - [199?]
This collection consists mostly of photographs used for publishing. The publication is not noted but it was likely National Action Committee on the Status of Women publications "Feminist Action" and "NAC Status of Women News. "The main subjects are young girls and children, working women, women and unions, a health care.

Nellie Langford Rowell Library collection

  • CA ON0034 10-014
  • Fondo
  • [1955]-[200?]
This collection consists of documents related to the membership and resource material held at York University's Nellie Langford Rowell Library. This collection includes documents collected by the Library staff on women's organizations, publication houses, individuals and subjects detailing activities, meetings and events. It contains correspondence, membership cards, meetings' minutes, agendas, reports, booklets, leaflets, flyers, donations and subscription forms, black and white and colour photographs, posters, buttons, the videotape Don't give us military solutions! by Voice of Women, the tape Feminism as a political movement by Juliet Mitchell, magazines, articles, newspaper clippings and notes.
Cette collection se compose de documents relatifs aux membres et aux ressources documentaires conservés à la bibliothèque Nellie Langford Rowell de l'Université York. Cette collection comprend des documents recueillis par le personnel de la bibliothèque sur des organisations féminines, des maisons de publication, des individus et des sujets détaillant des activités, des réunions et des événements. Elle contient de la correspondance, des cartes de membres, des procès-verbaux de réunions, des ordres du jour, des rapports, des brochures, des dépliants, des formulaires de dons et d'abonnement, des photographies en noir et blanc et en couleur, des affiches, des macarons, la cassette vidéo Don't give us military solutions ! de Voice of Women, la cassette Feminism as a political movement de Juliet Mitchell, des magazines, des articles, des coupures de journaux et des notes.

Nellie Langford Rowell Library

Teressa de Wolf collection

  • CA ON0034 10-083
  • Fondo
  • 1971-1977
The collection pertains to a wide range of feminist issues such as education, health, human rights, International Women’s Year, women and the law, mental health, marriage, women in the work force, women’s studies programmes, status of women, ISIS/women and film, etc. They were most likely collected by T.W. Dewolf in the course of her career and relate mostly to events and organisations in British Columbia (Canada), between 1971 and 1977.
La collection porte sur un large éventail de questions féministes reliées à l'éducation, la santé, les droits de la personne, l'Année internationale de la femme, les femmes et le droit, la santé mentale, le mariage, les femmes sur le marché du travail, les programmes d'études féminines, le statut des femmes, ISIS/femmes et cinéma, etc. Ils ont probablement été collectés par T.W. Dewolf au cours de sa carrière et concernent principalement des événements et des organisations en Colombie-Britannique (Canada), entre 1971 et 1977.

De Wolf, Teressa

Canadian Women's Movement Archives (CWMA) collection

  • CA ON0034 10-001
  • Fondo
  • 1905-2014, predominant 1960-2014
This collection contains records in various formats; including original organizational records, posters, buttons, t-shirts, flyers, publications, etc., from more than 2,000 Canadian women’s organizations, conferences and individuals. The records date from 1960 up until the mid-1990s and were collected by the Collective of the Canadian Women's Movement Archives.
Cette collection contient des documents de différents formats, y compris des documents organisationnels, des affiches, des macarons, des t-shirts, des dépliants, des publications, provenant de plus de 2 000 organisations de femmes canadiennes, de conférences et d'individus. Les documents datent de 1960 jusqu'au milieu des années 1990 et ont été collectés par le Collectif des archives du Mouvement canadien des femmes.

Canadian Women's Movement Archives (CWMA)

Collection de périodiques Archives des Femmes / Women's Archives Periodicals Collection

  • CA ON0034 10-P
  • Fondo
  • 1895-2018, Predominantly 1970-2010
The Archives and Special Collections has the largest collection of feminist publications in Canada, comprising of periodicals and newsletters produced by feminist groups and associations across Canada. It currently stands at just over 1400 titles and includes national publications like Branching Out and Broadside, as well as newsletters from smaller groups like Open Door, and Rural Lesbian Newsletter of British Columbia, etc. These periodicals represent women from diverse regions of the country, and cover social action in all its forms, and include subjects such as women’s health, the right to abortion, child-care services, as well as literature, art, culture, and assistance for immigrants. The coverage of these periodicals varies from several years of issues to other times just one or two issues.

Mary Bishop collection

  • CA ON0034 30-028
  • Fondo
  • 1975-2020
The collection consists of more than 450 theatre programs, season calendars, visitor guides, ticket stubs and magazines from 1977 to the present. Over more than 50 years, Canadian actors as Martha Henry, Sandra Oh, Shirley Douglas, Keifer Sutherland, Christopher Plummer, Richard Monette, Brent Carver, Maggie Smith, Heath Lamberts, Brian Bedford, William Hutt, but also major Canadian director and playwrights are represented in this collection.

Bishop, Mary

Barbara Cameron collection

  • CA ON0034 10-064
  • Fondo
  • [1949]-[1979]
This collection consists of articles, papers, booklets, and pamphlets produced by the women's liberation movement in the United States (most of the records are from Boston) and in Canada (most of the records are from Toronto) in the 1970s.
Cette collection se compose d'articles, de documents, de livrets et de brochures produits par le mouvement de libération des femmes aux États-Unis (la plupart des documents proviennent de Boston) et au Canada (la plupart des documents proviennent de Toronto) dans les années 1970.

Cameron, Barbara

Constitute! collection

  • CA ON0034 10-187
  • Fondo
  • 1981-2019
The collection consists of audiovisual material and an archived website. The audiovisual files document interviews, talks, or events with women activists fighting for women's constitutional and human rights. Women activists featured in the collection come from Canada, Afghanistan, South Africa, Rwanda, and Uganda. The archived website is a multi-media educational resource from the International Women's Rights Project (IWRP). The records date from 1981-2019 and were collected by Susan Bazilli or IWRP. Some of the interviews and footage appear in IWRP's documentary film Constitute! while others document IWRP projects.
La collection se compose de matériel audiovisuel et d'un site web archivé. Les fichiers audiovisuels documentent des entretiens, des conférences ou des événements avec des militantes qui luttent pour les droits constitutionnels et les droits des femmes. Les militantes présentées dans la collection sont originaires du Canada, d'Afghanistan, d'Afrique du Sud, du Rwanda et d'Ouganda. Le site web archivé est une ressource éducative multimédia du Projet international pour les droits de la femme (IWRP). Les archives datent de 1981 à 2019 et ont été collectées par Susan Bazilli. Certaines interviews et séquences apparaissent dans le film documentaire Constitute ! de l'IWRP, tandis que d'autres documentent des projets de l'IWRP.

Bazilli, Susan

Carolyn Gammon collection

  • CA ON0034 10-154
  • Fondo
  • [198-] - [1995]
This collection contains items collected by Carolyn Gammon that reflect her interest in feminist issues and topics, particularly related to Lesbians.
Cette collection contient des objets collectés par Carolyn Gammon qui reflètent son intérêt pour les questions et les sujets féministes, en particulier en ce qui concerne le mouvement lesbien.

Gammon, Carolyn

Collection Manuscrits français

  • CA ON0034 30-005
  • Fondo
  • 1790, [Avant 1814]-[Avant1974]
La collection Manuscrits français regroupe des oeuvres, parfois inédites, et la correspondance de quelques soixante-quinze auteurs français de renom dont Gustave Flaubert, Victor Hugo, George Sand, George Ribemont-Dessaignes et Jacques Baron. L’ensemble des documents représente de nombreux courants littéraires dont le romantisme, le réalisme, le symbolisme et le surréalisme.
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