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Impetus - The Black Woman: Proceedings of the Fourth National Congress of Black Women of Canada

This item consists of a booklet related to the “Fourth National Congress of Black Women of Canada,” held in Windsor, Ontario, on August 19-21, 1977. The Congress was organized by the Hour-A-Day Study Club, as well as a planning committee representing black women from the Maritimes, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec.

The Congress theme was “Impetus – The Black Woman." The booklet contains a history of Hour-A-Day Study Club and summaries of papers presented in workshops at the Congress.

The main subjects were: Adult and Early Childhood Education; Youth, Immigration and Human Rights; Consciousness Raising of the Multicultural Woman; and Economics and Small Business.

Morgentaler Clinic plate 1

This item consists of the Toronto Morgentaler Clinic vandalized brass plaque. This item is covered in red nail polish simulating blood and has texts "Baby killer" and "F--ing disgusting" carved in the plate. Another plate less damaged is kept in the CWMA Collection (See I2).

Unidentified women, including Carolyn Egan, standing in line during a self-defence course at Amazon Self-Defence, [Toronto]

Inscribed in blue pen and pencil on verso: "Laura Jones" and "Amazon Self Defence". Photographer's stamp on verso: "Baldwin Street Gallery of Photography, 23 Baldwin Street, Toronto 130, Ontario". From file: Amazon Self-Defence Amanda Bankier. Content of image: second from left Carolyn Egan.

Amazon Print Shop interior view with Lynn Kirk sitting and pointing with woman standing looking at camera

From file: The Amazon Press- Amanda Bankier. The Amazon Print Shop. Content of image: The Amazon Print Shop. Slip of paper attached on item I0846 said: Holly with Gestetner press at Amazon Workshop opening. Information from other sources: The Amazon Print Shop was adopted by The Other Woman on December 1st, 1976. Source: announcement of the Press's opening in The Other Woman, vol. 4, no. 6, November- December 1976. Item I0841 appeared in the above article. Inscribed in light blue felt and blue pen: "Amanda Bankier".
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