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This series contains administrative documents, financial documents, agreements, and correspondence.

Girls and Young Women Programs

This series consists of documents which are related to encouraging girls and young women into non-traditional fields such as trades and technology. This includes educational resources on instruction of young girls and women as well as reports on how more of this target audience can be reached. It includes manuals, workbooks, posters, and audiovisual material.

Vie personnelle / Personal life

Cette série comprend des documents reliés à la vie personnelle et à la famille de Monique Frize. Elle comprend de la correspondance, quelques photographies, deux scrapbooks, des coupures de journaux, ainsi qu’un manuscrit de ses mémoires écrites en collaboration avec Hilary Ashe.
This series consists of documents related to Monique Frize's personal life and family. It includes correspondence, some photographs, two scrapbooks and newspaper clippings, a manuscript of his memoirs written in collaboration with Hilary Ashe.


This series contains administrative documents including developmental documents, memos, conference information, and communication documents.


Records related to the Canadian Slovak League (CSL)

This series consists of documents relating to the beginnings of the Canadian Slovak League in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and its predecessor, the Slovak League of America (Lodge 415). Records document its administrative history, its financial situation between 1952 and 1955, the CSL's internal politics and state. It contains accounts, membership, secretary and protocols books, correspondence, reports, budgets, lists and an article.


Correspondents and subjects include Ján Celhár, Jozefov Franticzek, Ján (John) Matisko, Martha Matisko, Helena [Nelicky?], Ondrej Rumpel, Štefan Vargoško and Helena Vargošková.

Various resources on women issues and events

The series consists of various material related to women’s issues and events during the 70s to the 90s. It includes some records related to "The Dinner Party" an artwork installation by Judy Chicago. It contains also posters, buttons, and stamps collections on women's movement.
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