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8 mars 1982

This pale blue button with white women's shape and clouds holding a pink line, was made to celebrate the Women's Day on March 8th, 1982.

International Women's Week

White button with black text surrounding a design of women shapes assemble around a circle.

Women's work

Light yellow button with black lettering and pink design: woman's symbol with fist, "women's work … ", "no pay or low pay", "some choice!".

A Union for Working Women

  • CA ON0034 10-032-S4-F4-10-032-S4-F4-I1
  • Item
  • [between 1979 and 1984]
  • Parte de Wendy McPeake fonds

White button with dark blue lettering: "Service Office - Retail Workers Union - Canada", "SORWUC", "A Union for Working Women".

Votes for women

Black and white photograph of a leaf with an note on it: "votes for women".

Press Gang Publishers

  • CA ON0034 10-032-S6-SS1-F40-10-032-S6-SS1-F40-I1
  • Item
  • [197-?]-[199-?]
  • Parte de Wendy McPeake fonds

Size 3 XL grey T-shirt with the Press Gang publisher black symbol on the front.
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