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Lerato Legoabe speaking at the Canadian Forum on Women's Activism in Constitutional and Democratic Reform, 2006, Parliament Hill, Ottawa

This video documents Lerato Legoabe, Coordinator of GirlsNet, South Africa, speaking at the Canadian Forum on Women’s Activism in Constitutional and Democratic Reform on February 14th, 2006, Parliament Hill, Ottawa. The event was an intergenerational forum on democratic renewal to produce forward looking strategies in a global context for intergenerational women’s equality rights. Lerato states in the video: "[...] I want to end with three challenges and, like I did yesterday, I want to cluster them together. The issue of access to information. The issue of violence against women because I feel violence against women, as a South African and I think, as a young woman of the world, is a very big challenge that many governments, civil society and people in general are struggling to deal with and I feel that, as the young women's movement, we need to be a voice that has a position on this issue. We also need to come up with strategies that will influence some of the activism that needs to happen on the ground on this issue: HIV AIDS and its link to violence against women, child trafficking (it's now called modern day slavery). We need to have a position on that. [...]" The 2006 forum was held in the same room on Parliament Hill as the 1981 Women’s Constitutional Conference twenty-five years prior. The 2006 forum was attended by original members of Ad Hoc Committee of Canadian Women and the Constitution (who organized the 1981 conference) along with parliamentarians, students and other activists over the course of two days.

Interview with Murwarid Ziayee

This video documents an interview with Murwarid Ziayee, director for Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, Kabul. The interviewer is assumed to be [Susan Bazilli? director of the International Women’s Rights Project (IWRP), University of Victoria]. The video was made available on IWRP’s website under the section titled 'Afghanistan' (

Sharon McIvor talk at the Centre for Feminist Legal Studies, University of British Columbia, 2010

This video documents a talk given by Sharon McIvor on the McIvor v. Canada case at the Centre for Feminist Legal Studies, University of British Columbia in 2010. Sharon McIvor is a member of the Lower Nicola Indian Band and Nlaka'pamux Nation. Sharon is known for her activism against sex-based discrimination to Indigenous women and children and reform in Canadian legislation. Notably the Bill C-3: 2011 Amendments to the Indian Act which grant 6(2) Indian status to grandchildren of women who regained status in 1985. This amendment to the Indian Act was the government of Canada's response to the McIvor v. Canada case. Sharon's activism for equality for Indigenous women was recognized by Canada’s Governor General in 2011. Sharon is a lawyer and has taught at the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology in Merritt, British Columbia.

Breast Cancer interview Judith Quinlan 2014

Audio interview with Judith Quinlan (interviewee) in 2014 by Dr. Lorna Boschman (Interviewer). The interview covers Judith Quinlan’s experience with breast cancer treatment and care, demographic information, Judith's life as a lesbian and political activist. The interview occurs with Judith at the age of 65 in Honeymoon Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. At the time of the interview, Judith is a retired physiotherapist working part-time while also teaching choir to youth, setting up an arts center, doing theatre and art. The interview is part of the Cancer’s Margins arts and community-based research study. The study examined how LGBT2Q people diagnosed with breast or gynecologic cancer have access to, locate and share cancer knowledge, and their experiences with care, support, and treatment. During the study, Dr. Boschman was the project coordinator and was the post-doctoral fellow to Dr. Mary Bryson at the University of British Columbia who was the Principle Investigator of Cancer’s Margins in BC. Lorna Boschman also co-designed and led the Cancer’s Margins Digital Storytelling Workshop with Mary Bryson.

Impetus - The Black Woman: Proceedings of the Fourth National Congress of Black Women of Canada

This item consists of a booklet related to the “Fourth National Congress of Black Women of Canada,” held in Windsor, Ontario, on August 19-21, 1977. The Congress was organized by the Hour-A-Day Study Club, as well as a planning committee representing black women from the Maritimes, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec.

The Congress theme was “Impetus – The Black Woman." The booklet contains a history of Hour-A-Day Study Club and summaries of papers presented in workshops at the Congress.

The main subjects were: Adult and Early Childhood Education; Youth, Immigration and Human Rights; Consciousness Raising of the Multicultural Woman; and Economics and Small Business.

Morgentaler Clinic plate 1

This item consists of the Toronto Morgentaler Clinic vandalized brass plaque. This item is covered in red nail polish simulating blood and has texts "Baby killer" and "F--ing disgusting" carved in the plate. Another plate less damaged is kept in the CWMA Collection (See I2).
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