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Nellie Langford Rowell Library collection
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Women writing in the 90's

Pink background with a green and blue border, black and blue text and an illustration of a hand holding a woman's head relating to Vanier College's Women writing in the 90s panel. The poster includes the panel's participants.

Woman magazine

This file consists of a document relating to Royal Bank's Power of women event with Gloria Steinman, Mary Tyler Moore, Faith Popcorn, Debbie Fields, Paul Nelson and Benazir Butto. It contains a letter.

REAL Women of Canada

This file consists of documents relating to REAL Women of Canada Toronto chapter membership meeting and REAL Women of Canada's position on marriage and pornography and statements on divorce, day care and affirmative action. It contains flyers, a photocopied article and a fact sheet.

Alice Walker

Brown, red, grey and white poster and text with a profile view photograph of author Alice Walker, an image of her novel By the light of my father's smile's book cover and the Toronto Women's Bookstore and Random House of Canada's logos relating to a Toronto Women's Bookstore 25th Anniversary Reading Series.

City of Vaughan

This file consists of a document relating to the City of Vaughan Archives and its research guide for post-secondary students. It contains a letter.

Geneva Centre for Autism

This file consists of a document relating to the conference Where does early childhood educators begin?: effective early intervention for pre-schoolers with autism and PDD sponsored by the Geneva Centre for Autism. It contains a flyer with a registration form.

Women without borders

Blue and white poster with text in blue, black and orange and colour photographs of various wooden boxes from Women without border exhibit presented by Women's Art Resource Centre.
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