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COVID-19 Telling Her-Stories Collection / Collection COVID-19 Elle, ses histories

  • CA ON0034 10-177
  • Fondo
  • 2020-
The fonds consists of content submissions from women on their experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada. Submissions are in digital format only in text, image, sound and moving images.

University of Ottawa Library COVID-19 Telling Her-Stories project / Bibliothèque uOttawa projet COVID-19 Elle, ses histories

Women of Impact fonds

  • CA ON0034 10-137
  • Fonds
  • 2014-2016
This fonds consists of material relating to the Women of Impact in the Canadian Materials, Metallurgy, and Mining Fields oral history research project. It contains audio and video interviews of 18 women pioneers and leaders in the fields of mining, metallurgy and materials. It also contains interview transcripts, and the Women of Impact book which profiles each of the interviewees.

Women of Impact

Second Wave Feminism Oral History collection

  • CA ON0034 10-106
  • Fonds
  • 2007-2012
Fonds contains records and interviews relating to the gathering of oral history interviews across Canada for the Second Wave Archival Project. Items include audio oral history interviews, transcripts for interviews conducted in Ontario, descriptive metadata spreadsheets and administrative documents.

Second Wave Feminism Oral History Collection

Lucie Desjardins fonds

  • CA ON0034 10-174
  • Fonds
  • 2005
This fonds contains a conference kit from the "4e Congrès international des recherches féministes dans la francophonie plurielle" held at the University of Ottawa in July 5 to 10, 2005.

Desjardins, Lucie

Women's World Congress / Caroline Andrew fonds

  • CA ON0034 10-018
  • Fonds
  • 2005-2017

The fonds consists of records related mainly to the organization and planning of the 2011 Women's World Congress held at the University of Ottawa, co-chaired by Professor Caroline Andrew. Records relate to funding and financial support, financial auditing, and planning and include meeting minutes, reports, correspondence etc. Included also are handouts from the congress, final reports and summary documents from after the congress was held. The fonds also contains some records related to prior and subsequent Women's World Congresses.

The Women’s Worlds congress was the first world-wide interdisciplinary gathering to focus on research pertaining to women’s issues and started in 1981. WW takes place every three years in a different part of the world.

Andrew, Caroline


  • CA ON0034 10-164
  • Fonds
  • 2002-
Le fonds AFFESTIM comprend les documents historiques de l'association et informent sur son administration, ses finances, son adhésions, ses partenariats, ses publications et ses activités depuis sa création en 2005, Le fonds comprends actuellement les documents couvrant les mandats de Claire Deschênes première présidente de l'AFFESTIM jusqu'en 2010 et secrétaire-trésorière jusqu'en 2018, de Liette Vasseur présidente de 2011 à 2013, d’Anne Roy présidente de 2013-2014, de Marie Laroche présidente de 2015-2018.


Lee Lakeman fonds

  • CA ON0034 10-163
  • Fonds
  • 2001 - 2010
The fonds contains digital audio and video files documenting a Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres (CASAC) conference and convention.

Lakeman, Lee

Women's March Against Poverty 1996 and World March of Women 2000 fonds

  • CA ON0034 10-048
  • Fonds
  • 1996-2000
These records offer information relevant to the Women’s March Against Poverty in June 1996, and the World March of Women in 2000. Material in this collection dates from October 1995 through to 2000. The papers were compiled by the head office of the Canadian Labour Congress, as well as local offices throughout the region. The records reflect all organizing strategies which took place prior to the marches, as well as the organization of the marches, and organization of post-march activities and events. Records include print and non-print items, including textual records, photographs, and posters.

Canadian Labour Congress (CLC)

The Advocacy Centre, Nelson District Community Resources Society fonds

  • CA ON0034 10-171
  • Fonds
  • [1995-1997]
The fonds contains materials received by the Advocacy Centre of Nelson District Community Resources Society, form the local Nelson Violence Against Women in Relationships Committee (VAWIR). The Nelson Violence Against Women in Relationship Coordination Committee (VAWIR) is a committee of service providers and representatives from the sectors involved in preventing and responding to violence against women. The Advocacy Centre was a member of the committee. Their objectives were to improve collaboration, coordination and education around ending around ending violence against women in Nelson. This fonds contains the Advocacy Centre received materials from the Committee.

Gerry Rogers fonds

  • CA ON0034 10-167
  • Fonds
  • 1994-1997
This fonds consists of records related to Gerry Rogers films and events in which she was involved.

Rogers, Gerry

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