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75th Anniversary - UWCO Banner 1910-1985

This object consist of a blanket with woven decorations. The decorations are the Parliament tour, and tulips. In each flowers has been sween an inscription: Human Rights Institute, Margerite Ritchie (Qc.) - Women's suffrage - Margaret Maclellan, C.F.U.W president 1961-1964 - Family Law and Education Workshops - Briefs on pensions pornography and generic drigs - Status of Women - [Alitta Marty First woman IID.] - Ottawa Club Founded 1910 - Ruth Bell National President, The Roster - Red Cross WWI and II - Alice E. Wilson - IFUW Refuge Fund - CFUW 1st Meeting 1920 - Mental Health - Madri-Gals Sing to Seniors - Diplomatic Hospitality and Snowshoeing - Triennials 31, 52, 73 - Miriam Sheridan Civic Hospital Volunteers - Dorothy Soras Step by step school Volunteers - Heritage - Ottawa - Dorothy Haberty Elizabeth Fry Society - Ottawa Little Theatre Club - Marleen Macfarlene ABC - Dominion Play writing Competition Prize 1913 - Charlotte Whitton Mayor.

Women organize Women Strike

The banner is composed of white fabric with black inscriptions. In a black circle is mentioned "Women Organize Women Strike" with the Women's Collective symbol, a cross with a fist in a circle at the top. On the right side it says " FEMINIST ACTION COLLECTIVE".
« Inspirées par la grève nationale des femmes en Islande, nous avons commencé à organiser une grève des femmes, écrit et distribué des tracts sur le harcèlement sexuel, le travail des femmes, les femmes et les nouvelles technologies. Nous avons également appuyé la ville en ce qui concerne le Ottawa Tenants' Council's Tent City et fourni un soutien aux femmes syndiquées en grève de la compagnie d'assurances de l'Union du Canada (OPEIU 225) et de la British American Banknote Company. » (Traduction de la lettre de Wendy McPeake du 31 mai 2016).

For Every Woman Raped In Every War

The banner is composed of black fabric with white letters sewn on with white thread. The banner For Every Woman Raped in Every War has been produced by the Political Action Committee of the Women’s Centre of Ottawa and used with the poem of the same name in an action on November 11, 1979, at the War Memorial on Wellington Street, Ottawa. The banner has been sewn at the Ottawa Women’s Centre.

CT & April

This photograph shows CT & April on the stage during the fundraising concert organized by Ottawa Women's Centre in October 27th, 1976.

CT & April

This photograph shows CT & April on stage during the fundraising concert organized by Ottawa Women's Centre in October 27th, 1976.
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