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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Bridge the Gap with Women in Skilled Trades and Technologies

This file consists of briefing materials for the Bridge the Gap with Women in Skilled Trades and Technologies, the Saskatchewan’s Summit held in May 6th,2011 in Saskatoon. It includes a select annoyed bibliography of Canadian resources compiled by the Saskatchewan apprenticeship and trades certification commission (SATCC) and a summit Edition Newsletter of May 2011.

Vocational Readiness Programs For Young Women – A “How-to” Handbook

This file contains a booklet on "Vocational Readiness Programs for Young Women", a "How-to" Handbook. This booklet was compiled as a part of a 1975 International Women's Year Project funded by the Women's Program, Secretary of State. The University Women's Club of Saskatoon, as an International Women's Year project, explored ways in which the community might become involved in establishing vocational readiness and life planning programs for young women. specifically, the project committee and, finally, to compile a "How-to" manual containing its research and conclusions.

What Now ? ? ?

This file contains a "life planning kit" for high school girls. The kit was assembled by Sheila Rowswell with financial assistance under the YES programme, and with some direction from the Department of Continuing Education, College of Education, University of Saskatchewan. The University Women's Club of Saskatoon, Canadian Federation of University Women also contributed to the kit, as part of their International Women's Year project. The Education Committee of CFUW served as advisers. Funding for the project came from the Department of the Secretary of State. Its contents: What now? Carton; Cartoon of children; a story; There's got to be more than this !; Man = Woman; Fighting ; Being pursued; being a girl/being a boy; The New woman is everywhere; Only now I'm beginning to understand; one of the Nicest things to come out of the women's movement is sisterhood; stereotypes scar both girls and boys; the making of the housewife; women and work; get what you're worth; working rights; hire him, he's got great legs. Cartoon' Joan and Paul-A game of chance ?; the life-line.

Yukon - Manitoba + Unions (4 of 5)

This file contains correspondence and mailing lists of women's groups and individuals involved with women's groups from Saskatchewan.
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