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York University - Centre for Feminist Research

This file consists of documents relating to various activities, employment opportunities and call for papers pertaining to conferences and colloquiums organized by York University's Centre for Feminist Research, among others, lectures, presentations, the June Clark-Greenberg's slide show The black aesthetic the Brown Bag Seminar Series, the seventh annual Feminist Graduate Colloquium and the conference Mothers and sons today: challenges and possibilities. It contains flyers and an director position job posting.

York University - Centre for Judaic Studies

This file consists of documents relating to the lecture and discussion A woman's place: Rabbi Meir and the woman who wanted to learn sponsored by York University's Division for Humanities and the Centre for Judaic Studies. It contains flyers.

York University - CUEW

This file consists of documents relating to the CUEW's activities, among others, the CUEW/SCTTE workshop series on critical pedagogy, the Brown Bag Lunch Film Festival, Femme Fest and Femmefest II. It contains flyers.

York University - December 6th, 1989

This file consists of documents relating to events, organized by York University and the York University December 6th Coalition commemorating the Montréal Polytechnique massacre, among others, the Clothesline Project, the exhibition Women at work: breaking the silence and memorial services. It contains flyers, letters and a budget.

York University - Department of Political Science

This file consists of documents relating to an available appointment in International Relations at the York University's Department of Political Science's Graduate Program in Political Science colloquia and calls for papers for the special Problématique issue Celebrating thirty years of women in politics and the International Youth Year. It contains a colloquia schedule, an advertisement for a two-year contractually limited lecturer or assistant professor position and flyers.

York University - Faculty of Environmental Studies

This file consists of documents relating to, among others, a submission for Undercurrents: a journal of critical environmental studies by the York University's Faculty of Environmental Studies, employment opportunities, panels discussion on liberation of East Timor and nuclear fuel waste, the series of events Ecofeminism and the politics of resistance and the international studies seminar Bottom-up planning in Indonesia with Hasan Poerbo and John Rachlan. It contains flyers and four advertisement for assistant professors including one in urban planning and another in global environment and development.

York University - Founders College - Public lectures and conferences

This file consists of various public lectures and Founders College Lectures in Comparative Cultural Studies on various subjects, among others, kingship and slavery in Africa, Aztec culture and society at the Spanish conquest and Cambodia's coup d'état, organized by York University's African Studies Programme, Women's Studies, East Asian Studies Programme and the Social and Political Thought Graduate Programme and the conference The margins of the blackboard. It contains flyers.
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