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Rhoda Rosenfeld fonds

  • CA ON0034 10-059
  • Fonds
  • 1970
The fonds consists of 73 images taken by Rhoda Rosenfeld at the Vancouver Women's Caucus' abortion rights march held in downtown Vancouver in 1970. A counter pro-life march is happening at the same time and the two groups are shown interacting.

Rosenfeld, Rhoda

IUPESM 2018 - WC2018

This file contains papers, notes, the conference program and schedule, and related materials.

Records related to various issues

Series consists of records related to various topics and issues and activities in which NAWL was interested in, including amendments to the Canada Pension Plan, Social Security Benefits, the Federal Budget, the Divorce Act, violence against women, crime, the Meech Lake Accord and the Constitution, etc. The records include position papers and statements, background information and research as well as correspondence with various groups, organizations, and the Government. Some of the records were used by NAWL in preparation for government consultations on various issues.

Money: The high cost of being a woman

Poster advertises a workshop for women on women and their legal status held on July 22nd at the University of Ottawa Law School. It features discussion on tax planning, credit, debts, maritial status, taxes, credit standing, debtors rights, and collecting debts.

Action: Where do we go from here?

Poster advertises speakers and discussions part of a weekend seminar on the legal status of women on lobbying, pressure groups, demonstrations, political parties and strategies for change.

Women and their legal status

Poster advertises a workshop for women on women and their legal status held on Sptember 25th, 26th, 27th with guest speakers and study groups. Featuring discussions on human rights, equal pay, marriage, property, credit, citizenship, divorce etc.

Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW) / Institut Canadien de Recherche sur les Femmes (ICREF)

  • CA ON0034 10-042
  • Fonds
  • 1968-2009
Le fonds comprend des archives produites ou collectées par l’organisation entre la fin des années 1970 et les années 2000. Il contient des documents organisationnels tels que des documents constitutifs, les procès-verbaux des réunions du conseil d’administration, les documents reliés aux élections du conseil d’administration, les rapports annuels et les plans stratégiques, les rapports financiers, des documents reliés au recrutement et à l’adhésion de ses membres. Le fonds contient également de la correspondance, de la documentation reliées aux différents comités, à la conférence annuelle, mais également à l’organisation d’évènements spéciaux (Conférence mondiale sur les femmes de Beijing en 1995, rencontre internationale sur les femmes et la santé de Toronto en 2002). Le fonds documente également l’intérêt et le soutien de l’organisation pour la recherche sur les conditions des femmes au Canada et sur la scène internationale. Les articles (CRIAW papers) et la revue (Feminist Perspectives) publiées par l’organisation sont contenus dans le fonds. Le fonds comprend également d’importantes ressources documentaires sur les réflexions émergeantes dans les années 80 et 90 sur le développement des technologies reproductives et génétiques et leurs effets sur les femmes.
Le fonds est constitué en grande partie de documents textuels, mais il inclue également des photographies de différents évènements organisés à l’interne, et d’évènements auxquels l’organisation a participé.
The fonds includes records produced or collected by the organization between the late 1970s and the 2000s. It contains organizational documents such as founding documents, minutes of board meetings, documents related to board elections, annual reports and strategic plans, financial reports, documents related to recruitment and membership. The fonds contains correspondence and documentation related to the various committees, the annual conference, and the organization of special events (1995 Beijing World Conference on Women, 2002 Toronto International Meeting on Women and Health). The fonds documents the organization's interest in and support for research on women's conditions in Canada and internationally. Articles (CRIAW papers) and the publication (Feminist Perspectives) released by the organization are contained in the fonds. The fonds includes important documentary resources on the emerging debates in the 1980s and 1990s on the development of reproductive and genetic technologies and their effects on women.
The collection consists largely of textual material, but includes photographs of various internal events, and of events in which the organization has participated.

Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW)

Media mentions: 2005-2013

The file contains articles that mention the Canadian Women's Health Network, including excerpts from "Inter Pares Bulletin," "HERizons," and "Winnipeg Free Press."

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