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Jozef A. Mikuš fonds

  • CA ON0034 20-001
  • Fonds
  • [1784]-1998

The Jozef A. Mikuš fonds consists of various documents personally collected by Dr. Mikuš over a lifetime of activities as a diplomat, a jurist, a political activist, an immigrant, a teacher, an officer in various nationalist and political associations, and as a simple citizen. It is very much a “personal” collection of documents that reflects Dr. Mikuš’ views and interests on a multitude of topics, and bears witness to his lifetime involvement in the political history of his country of origin, Slovakia, in the life and struggles of his countrymen, the Slovak people, and in the social and political life of his country of adoption after World War II, the United States of America. Gravitating around these major focal points are documents on a variety of subjects from religion to economy, from freedom of speech to education, political parties to arts and culture, famous politicians to nationalist writers, from nuclear arms to aid programs.

This fonds contains handwritten notes, holograph and typed manuscripts, galley proofs, and printed texts of Dr. Mikuš’ published and unpublished works: books, articles, conference and symposium addresses, book reviews, and special contributions for Anniversaries, In Memoriam, and Commemorations, letters, newspaper clippings, articles, excerpts from condemnation charges, speeches, declarations, orbituaries, photocopied cheques, invoices, receipts, addresses, meetings' minutes, financial statements, guidelines, lists, announcements, certificates, forms, agendas, resumes, pamphlets, booklets, information and fact sheets, funeral, business, Easter, prayer, birthday and Christmas cards, postcards, maps, programs, news and press releases, photographs, book reviews, syllabi, memoranda, newsletters, insurance policies, catalogues, reports, chronologies, a poetry collection, grant application, income tax forms, statements of assets, flyers, telegrams, premium notices, an identification card, stickers, an Unclaimed Funds Network (UFN)'s sweepstake rules, papers, questionnaires, periodicals, journal, government documents, petitions, condensed version of book The inheritor: a tale of KGB espionage in America, resolutions, proceedings, biographical notes and references, transcripts, short biographies, a copy of the book Slovakia in blood and shackles, a call to order, footnotes, appeals, statistics, constitutions, a charter, personal accounts, poems, a leaflet, invitation, terms of references, a manifesto, a message, souvenir books, essays, an organizational Chart, letterheads, a document sleeve, a protocol, an interview and the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights' preamble.

The fonds has been divided in six series: Writings and publications, Correspondence, Personal files, Organizations, Periodicals, and Topical files.

Mikuš, Jozef August

L’udovít Kandra fonds

  • CA ON0034 20-003
  • Fonds
  • 1938-01-01 - 1983-12-31

The fonds consists of documents relating to Kandra's carrier as a writer and personnel documents.

It contains handwritten notes, drafts, holograph and typed manuscripts, galley proofs, printed texts and newspaper clippings.

Kandra, L’udovít

Emanuel T. Böhm fonds

  • CA ON0034 20-006
  • Fonds
  • 1944-2000
This fonds consists of documents relating to professor Emanuel Böhm's literary career, work, interests and collection of reading material on various subjects, among others, St. Cyril and Methodius, religion, Hungarian history, Czechoslovak politics, Slovak stories and chronicles and the artist Gustáv Mallý. It contains books, periodicals, pamphlets, articles, a letter and a partial list of donors.

Böhm, Emanuel

Štefan Hreha fonds

  • CA ON0034 20-010
  • Fonds
  • [193?]-2001

This fonds consists of documents created, collected and/or received by Štefan Hreha after his arrival in Canada in 1936 reflecting his dedicated work as an editor for Kanadský Slovak, president of Branch 2 of the Canadian Slovak League in Montreal, and other activities as a writer and active member of the Slovak community in Canada.

It contains personal correspondence, articles, photographs and memorabilia as well as song lyrics, posters. It also contains documents relating to the Canadian Slovak League (CSL) including meeting minutes, Slovak publications, reports, invoices and budgets, press releases, reports, speeches and newspaper clippings.

Hreha, Štefan

Andrej Kučera fonds

  • CA ON0034 20-012
  • Fonds
  • 1926-1972
This fonds consists of documents relating mostly to Andrej Kučera’s work in the Slovak League of America and the Canadian Slovak League (CSL) in Winnipeg and publications collected by the Kučera family during a span of approximately thirty years. It contains correspondence, articles, secretary's and financial report, publications, a booklet, account ledgers, membership, secretary and protocol books.

Kučera, Andrej

Matisko family fonds

  • CA ON0034 20-014
  • Fonds
  • June 1933, 1949-1973, [198-?]-1996
This fonds consists of records mainly collected by John and Barney Matisko. The majority of the documents reflect everyday life in Poland, the Prešov region in Slovakia and Serbia. Also included is material on various cultural activities, events and churches pertaining to Slovak-Americans and Slovak-Canadian such as correspondence, a newspaper clipping, a flyer, several pamphlets, booklets and eight photographs.

Matisko family

Slovak Studies Association (SSA) fonds

  • CA ON0034 20-015
  • Fonds
  • 1964-2002
This fonds consists of documents collected by Professor Mark Stolárik during his work as Slovak Studies Association (SSA)'s secretary-treasurer and editor of Newsletter from 1977 to 1991, detailing the formative years and activities of the SSA, its work in worldwide Slovak studies in the academic world, the publications Newsletter and Slovakia and the SSA’s recognition as a non-profit scholarly organization. This fonds contains curriculum vitae, clippings, correspondence, by-laws, election results, biographical sketches, a draft of proposed by-laws, original copies of the SSA's Newsletter, various Internal Revenue Agency (IRS)'s forms, account ledgers, business cards, receipts, membership forms, expense reports, a minute book, books reviews, programs, flyers, leaflets, 15 photographs, 2 drawings, receipts, articles, photocopied newspaper clippings, abstracts, the Slavic Arts and Book catalogue, order forms, obituaries, a certificate of appreciation, guidelines, the booklet Slovak Heritage Festival: centennial dedicated to General Milan R. Štefanik and membership lists.

Slovak Studies Association (SSA)

Canadian Slovak League (CSL) fonds

  • CA ON0034 20-017
  • Fonds
  • 1926-2001
This fonds consists of documents giving an overview of the history of the Canadian Slovak League (CSL), its day-to-day functioning, its support of Slovak-Canadian communities and its publicity of Slovak events and activities. It contains correspondence books, account ledgers, membership lists, letters, notes, resolutions, statements, photocopied newspaper clippings and Grand Bazaar of the CSL's admission ticket, collection sheets for funds, meetings' minutes, presidents' messages, telegrams, lists, census documents, certificates, tables of content, a keynote address, announcements, budgets, Slovak League of America Congress' rights, the poem Rola ma vola, a plea on behalf of Slovak refugees or displaced persons, reports, receipts, a certification, posters of Slovak personalities Martin Rázus, Milan Rastislav Štefánik, Andrej Hlinka and Jozef Tiso and flags.

Canadian Slovak League (CSL)

Gleiman family fonds

  • CA ON0034 20-019
  • Fonds
  • 1945-2001
The fonds consists of documents providing an intimate insight of the efforts and struggles of the Gleiman's family members during various major historical events that took place in Europe (Slovakia, Austria, Italy, etc.) and depicting events such as deportation, living in a war camp, emigrating to a foreign and adjusting to a new lifestyle and customs. It contains eleven diaries written by Jan Gleiman (1893-1983) and his son Lubomir Gleiman (1923-2006)'s memoirs.

Gleiman family

Ján Juraj (George) Frajkor fonds

  • CA ON0034 20-022
  • Fonds
  • 1947-2005
This fonds contains documents collected by Ján Juraj Frajkor during his involvement in the Slovak World Congress (SWC), giving an overview of the political situation in Slovakia prior to and after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. It includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, articles, speeches, publications and photographs.

Frajkor, Ján Juraj (George)