Service Quality at the University of Ottawa Library

The Library periodically seeks feedback from uOttawa community members on Library service quality through the LibQual+ survey.

LibQual+ is a survey developed by the Association of Research Libraries to understand users’ expectations and experience of service quality. It assesses users’ satisfaction with Library services, collections and spaces.


LibQual+ 2021

In February 2021, the University of Ottawa Library invited a random sample population of undergraduate students (25%), graduate students (35%), faculty and researchers (100%) to participate in the LibQual+ survey. 1,187 survey responses were received with a response rate of approximately 8.7%

Respondents were invited to answer the survey in either French or English; 26.54% surveys were completed in French, 73.46% were completed in English.


2021 Findings

  • Undergraduate expectations are being met across all dimensions of service, collections and spaces.
  • Graduate and faculty expectations are not being met the areas of collections and spaces.
  • All respondent groups reported a high level of general satisfaction with the way they are treated at the Library, library support for learning, research, and/or teaching needs, and the overall quality of the service provided by the Library.
  • All respondent groups reported a high level of satisfaction with the Library’s COVID-19 response.

Consult the Complete results of the 2021 LibQual+ survey.


What’s next?

In keeping with our commitment to take action based on the feedback we receive from library users, we will use these survey results to improve our services and how we share information about them. The survey results will also inform our future planning.

If you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact


We recognize the diverse needs of our user community. We actively engage with our users and take action based on their feedback and suggestions. We take a user centric approach when we design and offer services.


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