Policies on overdue and damaged materials

New policies as of December 10, 2019


There are no overdue fines for most items including books.

Exceptions Fees
14-day loan items (periodicals, law reports, etc.) $2.00/day/item
Media and equipment (includes Learning Crossroads equipment) $4.00/day/item
Reserve items $4.00/hour/item
Recalled items* See details

*When an item you have borrowed has been recalled and has not been returned:

  • a fine of $4.00 per day per item for 120-day and 14-day loans
  • a fine of $10.00 per day per item for media and equipment
  • Fines can only be paid once the document is returned.
  • Fines are non-refundable.

Overdue Fine Calculations

  • Fines are calculated from the due date to the date the item is checked back into the system after the Library opens.
  • The "due date" will always fall on a day the Library is open.
  • Overdue fines are calculated including only days the Library is open.
  • It is the responsibility of borrowers to monitor their account.

Lost or damaged items

  • Items declared lost or that are damaged beyond repair will normally incur a $125 default replacement charge as well as a $25 non-refundable administration charge.
  • 30 days after the due date, an item will be declared lost. If your checked-out item is coming due, you can renew it through your Omni account if no one else has requested it.

Theft and vandalism

Anyone who damages documents or tries to remove documents from the library without authorization is subject to penalties including suspension or withdrawal of borrowing privileges and replacement or repair costs.

Appeal procedure

If you disagree with a penalty, you may appeal in writing to:

Annie N'Tula Mankeni, User Engagement Coordinator
65 University
Ottawa ON K1N 6N5 Canada

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