Rules on overdue and damaged materials

The following rules apply to overdue and unreturned library materials.


  • Fines for overdue items are $0.50 per day per item.
  • Fines for recalled items are $1.00 per day per item.
Exceptions Fees
Journals $1.00/day/item
Reserve items $1.00/hour/item* (Or any portion thereof)
Slide trays $1.00/day/item
Study rooms $2.00/hours/user (Or any portion thereof)
Videos and DVDs $2.00/day/item**
Games $2.00/day/item**

*Fees are doubled ($2.00) when a user refuses to return an overdue reserve item.
**Fees are doubled ($4.00) for recalled videos, DVDs, and Games.

  • Fines can be paid only once the document is returned.
  • Fines must be paid in full before sanctions can be lifted.
  • Fines are non-refundable.

Overdue Fine Calculations

  • Fines are calculated from the due date to the date the book is checked back into the Library - when library opens.
  • The “due date” will always fall on a day the library is open.
  • Overdue fines are calculated for the days the library is open and closed.
  • It is the responsibility of borrowers to keep an eye on their account.

Lost or damaged items

Item Fees
Audiocassettes $100
Books $100
CDs (music) $380
CD-ROMs (images) $120
Journals $260
Slides $5
Trays $20
Video Games - Videos or DVDs $160

The collection manager may also accept a replacement copy plus a standard $25 processing fee per item.

Long overdue fees

Fines on an item accumulate until it is declared lost, and lost item fees are charged. If you return an item after paying lost item fees on it, you are reimbursed for overdue fees, calculated from the item's due date to the day you returned the item.

Theft and vandalism

Anyone who damages documents or tries to remove documents from the library without authorization is subject to penalties including suspension or withdrawal of borrowing privileges and replacement or repair costs.

Acceptable forms of payment (updated July 2019)

After a successful 8-month trial period, the University of Ottawa Library is now officially cashless. In an effort to minimize risk and streamline their transactions, all Library locations will only accept debit, credit (Visa, Mastercard), cheques, or the uO Flex card as valid methods of payments from this point forward.

Appeal procedure

If you disagree with a penalty, you may appeal in writing to:

Annie N’tula Mankeni, User Engagement Coordinator
65 University
Ottawa ON K1N 6N5 Canada

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