Library's Organizational Renewal Project

Organizational Renewal at the Library


The Library has embarked on a comprehensive organizational renewal to ensure that its structure is well-positioned for the future. The goal of the renewal project is to identify and implement an organizational structure that will allow the Library to strengthen its capabilities, to maximize its capacity to meet its strategic goals, to improve the effectiveness of its day to day operations, and to be agile and able to respond to change.

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Book weeding project

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The Library wants to ensure that the right books are available to our community in a timely way, and with consideration for present and future research and teaching needs.  To this end, we will be carrying out an assessment of our book collection this year, with a focus on the collection located at our off-site storage facility.  There are approximately three-quarters of a million low-demand books in this location (based on usage and other factors such as number of copies).

Our goal is to assess these books in relation to relevance for research, teaching, and historical significance. As a result, we will be able to remove books that don’t serve any current or anticipated future needs. This could mean removing second copies, or it could mean titles that are no longer relevant to academic needs. This review will be carefully carried out by our subject librarians. They have a close understanding of the needs of faculty and students, and the research programs in various departments.

We recognize that disciplines are different. What is appropriate and necessary for research and teaching support, in terms of books, will vary from one discipline to another.  Decisions will be aligned with our Collection Development policy.  We will share more information as the project progresses.

We invite you to contact your subject librarian if you have any questions or comments and consult the Frequently Asked Questions.

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Collaborative Futures

New cloud-based library services platform

The uOttawa Library and their partners in the Ontario Council of University Libraries share a vision of a distributed and collaborative approach to managing library resources. Through deeper collaboration, our libraries will be in a stronger position to face the challenges presented by rapid developments in information technology, the transformation of scholarly communication, and finite resources.

Key to accomplishing that vision is the implementation of a shared library services platform and we are pleased to announce that Ex Libris was selected for that initiative. Once implemented, Ex Libris’ Alma and Primo platforms will allow us to modernize and streamline internal workflows, share expertise, and strengthen our data-driven approach to interuniversity resource sharing and collection management.

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