Strategic plan

Destination 20/20, the University of Ottawa’s strategic plan, represents its vision for the coming decade. It focuses on four primary goals:

  • GOAL 1: A rich, inspiring student experience
  • GOAL 2: Research excellence
  • GOAL 3: Francophonie and bilingualism: a competitive advantage that is central to our mission
  • GOAL 4: Developing leaders through internationalization

The Library’s strategic plan is directly linked to the goals and vision of the University. Consistent with our mission, it places particular emphasis on providing a rich and inspiring student experience and on supporting research excellence. The plan recognizes the growing complexity of the cycle of research and scholarly exchange, the accelerating pace of technological change, the value of collaboration and the continued importance of physical learning spaces.

The plan is intended to evolve over time as we chart a course towards achieving our vision. The next step will be to develop work plans and concrete activities to advance our efforts in key areas.

GOAL 1: A rich, inspiring student experience

Enrich the learning environment

  • Strengthen students’ research skills in relation to learning outcomes.
  • Strengthen the educational impact of library programs and work with faculty to introduce new channels for integrating librarians in classes, programs, and academic departments. Provide course credit opportunities for acquiring library research skills.
  • Facilitate the extensive integration of scholarly resources and library services into online learning environments and respond to users’ needs for training and guidance.
  • Take the Library to its users through increased virtual services and in-person presence of subject specialists in academic units.
  • Provide tools and support for manipulating data and multimedia resources.
  • Educate and support faculty and students on copyright and privacy obligations, relating to both published works and research data.

Make it easier for students to enrich their learning experience

  • Enable seamless searching across all collections, including the ability to access materials on new devices.
  • Create adaptable, comfortable, media rich spaces for students to support diverse learning needs.
  • Expand and/or renovate library spaces to meet the needs of our growing uOttawa community.
  • Ensure that library services are accessible and available wherever our students are located to support them in their studies.
  • Provide comprehensive access to scholarly resources in formats that meet diverse needs.
  • Provide students with access to new technologies and tools to enhance learning and improve productivity.
  • Recognize excellence in students’ development of library research skills.

GOAL 2: Research excellence

Support the lifecycle of research

  • Develop and implement E-Science, a comprehensive research data management strategy for uOttawa.
  • Increase library involvement in funded research projects with respect to research data acquisition and dissemination.
  • Continue to develop research support services and services to promote scholarly communication within and outside the University.
  • Strengthen uOttawa’s leadership role in promoting open access to support free and unrestricted access to its scholarly research.
  • Expand and strengthen partnerships with hospitals and research institutes to ensure access to University resources where appropriate or coordinate with their library services.

Provide access to world-class resources

  • Develop strong digital and print research collections that rank among the top five research libraries in Canada.
  • Acquire and promote collections of scholarly significance – print, digital, multimedia – to enrich the research and teaching environment on campus and make this unique material accessible to scholars worldwide.
  • Continue to manage and promote unique locally held digital resources to ensure accessibility and sustainability.

GOAL 3: Francophonie and bilingualism: A competitive advantage that is central to our mission

  • Build world-class French collections to meet changing curriculum and research needs.
  • Be the leader among university libraries in the creation and implementation of bilingual services and resources.
  • Build on successful advocacy with partners and vendors to deliver bilingual products and services.

GOAL 4: Developing leaders through internationalization

  • Develop library services targeted at international students to support them in their studies.
  • Participate actively in international library initiatives to strengthen library services in developing countries and help ensure universal and equitable access to information and ideas.
  • Support visiting scholars in their research needs.
  • Raise awareness of international interdisciplinary research.

Mission: our raison d'être

The uOttawa Library advances the discovery and communication of knowledge by connecting members of our community with global resources that support research, teaching and learning.

Vision: what we aspire to

To be a recognized leader among research libraries, ranking among the top 5 in Canada.

Values: what defines and drives us

  • User-focused services
  • Innovation and responsiveness
  • Our bilingual community
  • Strong partnerships
  • Our people
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