Slovak Archives

The Slovak archives contain more than 30 archival fonds relating to individuals and organizations who were active in the Slovak communities of both Canada and the United States throughout the 20th century. It represents one of the most important collections of Slovak archival material in Canada that documents Slovak immigration as well as highlighting the role and impact that this community had in both Canada and the United States.

Slovak Archives

Archival fonds of organizations

Among the significant archival fonds of organizations are the following: Slovak Institute of Cleveland (20-021), the Canadian Slovak League fonds (20-017), and the Slovak Studies Association fonds (20-015).

Archival fonds of individuals

The archives of individuals and families figure more prominently in the collection. They offer a more personal perspective, an example of which is the Doransky Family fonds (20-023), a family who fled Slovakia in 1945 and passed through several European countries including Austria, Italy and Germany before arriving in Montreal in the winter of 1950. This is where Ján Doránsky had established himself as a poet and artist. We also have the Ludovit Kandra fonds (20-003), also known as Peter Klas, a pseudonym under which he published several novels. He contributed with several important newspapers in Canada, the US and, Europe. The Josef Mikus fonds (20-001) provides insight into the activities of a lobbyist for the Slovak League of America in Washington D.C., a professor of political science and history, and co-founder of the Slovak World Congress. The Joseph Stasko fonds (20-002) is related to the history and politics of Slovakia. Stasko  became supervisor of the periodicals collection at the New York Public Library after he fled Slovakia in 1962, and is better known as the author of several works and articles on the history and politics of Slovakia. The Matisko family fonds (20-014) contains documents on the Prešov region from where the family originated, and on the cultural and religious activities of various Slovak communities established in Canada and the United States. Finally, the Gleiman Family fonds (20-019) contains the personal diary of Jan Gleiman and the memoirs of his son Lubomir Gleiman who emigrated to Canada after the Second World War.

Collection of Slovak periodicals

The Slovak archives also contain a vast collection of periodicals which document the activities of the Slovak community in Canada and the United States. Titles are available through the library catalogue and a comprehensive list is accessible through our research guide.

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