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Canadian Women's Movement Archives Collection 10-001-S3-I0247

The Canadian Women’s Movement Collection (10-001) and the Canadian Women’s Movement Archives fonds (10-002) were acquired by the University of Ottawa in 1992 and this marked the beginning of an extensive body of archival material which continues to grow.

The Canadian Women's Movement Archives was officially established in Toronto in 1982 by the Women’s Information Centre. Pat Leslie, the former editor of The Other Woman, started to collect documentation about the magazine and the feminist movement in 1977. In 1982, the Women's Information Centre, led by a group of women who wanted to document feminist movement activities and history across Canada combined their efforts and sent letters to women’s organizations throughout Canada requesting copies of their publications and other documents.

As a result, many groups sent their newsletters, reports, photographs, posters, T-shirts, banners, buttons, and some groups and individuals even sent their archival material. This material was donated to the Archives and Special Collections of the University of Ottawa and can be found under the Canadian Women's Movement Archives Collection (10-001).

Throughout the years, more than 170 archival fonds and collections relating to women's history and the women's movement in Canada have been added to this collection. Included in the archives are the records of diverse women’s groups such as the Healthsharing fonds (10-003), the Montreal Women's Network fonds (10-005), the Mothers are Women fonds (10-013), the Feminist Bookmobile fonds (10-015), the Bold Print Library fonds (10-019),  the Wages for Housework Committee Toronto fonds (10-008), the Branching Out fonds (10-038) among many others.

The archives also contain personal papers from significant women involved in the women’s movement in Canada and in various spheres of activities, including the Helen Levine fonds (10-006), the Margaret Fulford fonds (10-009), the Barbara M. Freeman fonds (10-126),Verna Rowena Conant fonds (10-010) among others.

Detailed findings which describe the archival fonds for the Canadian Women's Movement Archives Collection (10-001) and the fonds (10-002), as well as many others, can be found in the AtoM database, or as PDFs which can be accessed from our Research guide.

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