Berkman Library: Facilities

The Berkman Library is accessible to staff and current students of UOHI, by employee swipe card or when library staff is present. University of Ottawa affiliates are encouraged to contact us if they wish to consult materials onsite.


The library is equipped with 5 computer workstations with Microsoft Office software, and 4 study carrels with Internet access. Wireless access is available within the library for staff and current students of UOHI. To set up a wireless connection, or if you have any questions contact the UOHI IT help desk.

Photocopiers, printers and scanners

A multifunction photocopier/printer/scanner is available at the library. Use of the machine is restricted to staff and current students of UOHI. Users are strongly encouraged to bring a USB key.

Library rules

The library serves as a shared resource for all. It seeks to maintain a positive and productive work environment. The following provides guidance for users and staff about the behaviour expected at the library.

    • Borrowing - Materials removed from the library must be signed out using the card provided inside the book front or back cover. Print your full name in a legible hand. Cards can be left with library staff or in the black recipient provided for this purposes at the librarian's door. Items can be returned to library staff, or deposited in the drop box outside the library's door.

    • Food and noise - Food and drinks are allowed. Speak quietly. Set ringers to vibrate and leave the library to talk. Call-backs for pagers can be made using the phone outside the library's door. Noise-producing devices should be used with earphones.

  • Workspaces - Workspaces are provided for educational and research purposes only. Computers and carrels left unattended for extended periods will be made available for others by library staff. The Library is not responsible for personal effects left unattended.
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