Berkman Library: Services

The Berkman Library provides onsite research and references services to staff and current students of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI).

Literature searching

Done for you, in support of patient care, publication, grant applications, and systematic reviews.


In groups or individually on literature searching, using databases, locating full-text, etc.

Article and book procurement

We can obtain most articles or books you require for your research.

Research help

We are onsite to help you with all your research needs. Come visit us in the library or invite us to your office!

Table of contents service

The Berkman Library can assist UOHI employees set up Table of Contents (ToC) alerts to go directly to their email inbox. This way the you will be able to read ToCs as soon as they are delivered from the publisher. Please do not hesitate to send an email to if you would like assistance setting up ToCs to go directly to your inbox.

In addition to ToCs, there are many ways to keep up to date with new medical literature and the Berkman Library is here to help you stay current, some examples are:

  • Creating search alerts on your research interests in electronic databases, such as PubMed or CINAHL;
  • or doing searches on topics on an "as needed" basis.

Please contact the library if you are interested in learning more about current awareness tools and services.

UOHI publications

We produce monthly lists of UOHI publications. Did we miss your publication? Let us know!

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