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Extended Hours of Service

  • The Brian Dickson Law Library is open until 2 am during exam periods from December 3 - 19, 2018. Please be advised that the Fauteux-Hall building will be locked at 11 P.M., but the Library will remain open until 2 A.M.

Stress Less Week, 10-20th of December 2018 at the Brian Dickson Law Library

  • Monday the 10th of December, 11:30am-1:00pm: Fruits and coffee in the Law Library Hall.
  • Tuesday the 11th of December, 11:30am- 1:00pm: Pet therapy in the room FTX 408.
  • Wednesday the 12th of December, 11:30am-1:00pm: Cookies decorating in the Law Library’s Hall.
  • 10-20th of December 2018: Puzzles, Coloring Books in room FTX 419A.

Brian Dickson Law Library Therapy Dog Session

  • Tuesday the 11th of  December,11 :30-1:00 Fauteux Hall, 4th Floor Room FTX 408; Phone: 613-562-5812. ------- Register here.

The Student Academic Success Service (SASS) and Health Promotion (UOHS) offers an animal therapy program for University of Ottawa students. This initiative allows individuals who may be experiencing anxiety or are living through difficult or stressful situations to spend time therapy dogs trained specifically to help in these types of situations.

Law Films and videos

  • The Law Library has a collection of ~120 DVDs for both instructional and entertainment purposes. It includes a wide array of Hollywood and foreign films, documentaries, and tutorials.Browse new titles on Dropmark

FTX Room 403

  • A new accessible study room reserved for law students is now available! The renovation of this room was made possible from donations from funds donated from Common Law alumni from the 1980s. This seminar room comes equipped with a large screen LCD flat panel display television, with four HDMI cable and six power outlets. There is also a high end Macintosh computer for video production and graphic design. Various adapters for your laptops come with access to this room. To reserve the room click here. For more information on our facilities click here.

Borrow a Gown at the Brian Dickson Law Library !

  • Need to borrow a gown ?  More details about this new service offered at the Brian Dickson Law Library- click here.

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