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  • Please note that some renovations will be done at the Law Library from Aug. 13th to Aug. 24th. The library will stay open! Sorry for the inconvenience this situation could cause you!

Law Films and videos

  • The Law Library has a collection of ~120 DVDs for both instructional and entertainment purposes. It includes a wide array of Hollywood and foreign films, documentaries, and tutorials.Browse new titles on Dropmark

FTX Room 403

  • A new accessible study room reserved for law students is now available! The renovation of this room was made possible from donations from funds donated from Common Law alumni from the 1980s. This seminar room comes equipped with a large screen LCD flat panel display television, with four HDMI cable and six power outlets. There is also a high end Macintosh computer for video production and graphic design. Various adapters for your laptops come with access to this room. To reserve the room click here. For more information on our facilities click here.

Borrow a Gown at the Brian Dickson Law Library !

  • Need to borrow a gown ?  More details about this new service offered at the Brian Dickson Law Library- click here.

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