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Dr. Marion Hilliard collection

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Textual record
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STEM Field: 
Obstetrics and Gynaecology

This collection consists of correspondence received by Dr. Marion Hilliard prior to a summer trip overseas on the Europa. The collection also contains a portfolio believed to belong to Dr. Hilliard. The correspondence, which includes note cards and letters, contains well wishes for the trip. The correspondence is undated, but is addressed to Dr. Hilliard, and so is assumed to be from between when she graduated from medical school in 1927 and her death in 1958.

Biography/Administrative History: 

Dr. Marion Hilliard was born on June 17, 1902, in Morrisburg, Ontario. She attended Victoria College, graduating in 1924, before enrolling in the School of Medicine at the University of Toronto. She graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine degree in 1927. Dr. Hilliard then went to England and Ireland on scholarship, to study obstetrics (1927-1928). In 1928, Dr. Hilliard returned to Canada and joined the staff of Women's College Hospital as the Assistant Chief of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. In 1934, she took a leave of absence to continue her postgraduate studies in Budapest, where she specialised in methods of overcoming sterility in women. In 1947, Dr. Hilliard was appointed Chief of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, a position she held until her retirement in 1956. In 1947, Dr. Marion Hilliard was involved in the development of a simplified procedure for detecting early symptoms of cervical cancer. She was also responsible for establishing the Cancer Detection Clinic, the first of its kind in Canada, which opened at Women's College Hospital in 1948. Dr. Hilliard was instrumental in Women's College Hospital becoming a teaching hospital. She was heavily involved in the negotiations with the University of Toronto, and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology achieved teaching status in 1956. In 1958, Women's College Hospital as a whole became a teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Toronto. Dr. Marion Hilliard died on July 15, 1958, at the age of 56.

[between 1927 and 1958]
9 pieces of correspondence, 1 portfolio
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Women's College Hospital
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