Omni enables you to access the majority of the Library's resources - both electronic and physical collections - in a single search. With Omni you access the millions of scholarly articles found in many of the databases we license. Omni also includes all the resources found in uO Research, our institutional repository.

More general databases

For detailed information about these databases, or databases with French content, use our general research guide.

Get an article

If the article is available online, follow the link to access it. Look for links such as HTML, PDF, Full-text, etc. or the Afficher! Get it! button. Current students, faculty and staff can connect from off-campus.

Afficher! Get it!

If the article is only available in print, you can come to the library and pick it up.

You can also request that an electronic copy (PDF) of a journal article located at the Library Annex be emailed to you. Learn how to request an article delivery to your email.

If we do not have the article, we can help you get it from another library.

Find journals

The library gives you access to more than 100,000 journals. To find a journal:

  1. Perform a search in Omni.
  2. Refine by Format: Journals.
  3. Note the location, call number, and status.
  4. If the journal is available, follow the link to access it online, or go to the library, and get it off the shelf.

Check whether a journal is peer-reviewed

A "peer reviewed" article (also called a "scholarly" or "academic" journal article) is an article that has been reviewed by other scholars (peers) working in the same field. Not all journal articles are peer reviewed.

Look in the e-journal list for the journal title in which the article was published. If the following icon appears, the journal is peer-reviewed:

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