April 2021 - In light of the recent announcement from the Government of Ontario regarding new restrictions that come into effect on April 3, access to Morisset Library’s study spaces and computer workstations will be closed until at least May 1, 2021. Contactless pickup and scan on demand services remain available. The MRT and RGN book return drop boxes also remain available.

Updates on library services and operations.

Literature review services

The Health Sciences Library offers literature review services to members of the University of Ottawa community, including students, faculty members, researchers, and staff. With an increase in the number of requests for literature review services involving librarians over the last several years, guidelines have been implemented to ensure that expectations of both researcher(s) and librarian(s) are met. There is no cost for these services.

Faculty members will be required to fill out the Literature Review Service Level Agreement.

Services provided to students (undergraduate and graduate students, and residents)

With a strong dedication to enriching the student experience at the University of Ottawa, the Health Sciences Library firmly believes in teaching students the skills needed to enhance their research, leading towards independent researchers.

As such, the Health Sciences Library provides the following services:

  1. Consultation and support for developing search strategies.
  2. Consultation and support with citation managers and library-supported systematic review software.
  3. Consultation and support for searching the grey literature.

Services provided to faculty members and researchers

The Health Sciences Library is pleased to work collaboratively with faculty members and researchers on all types of literature reviews, and can contribute expertise as follows:

  1. Consultation and guidance for developing search strategies.
  2. Creation, development and execution of search strategies.
  3. Consultation and support with citation managers and library-supported systematic review software, including importing and exporting from databases, and removing duplicates.
  4. Use of the Peer Review of Electronic Search Strategies (PRESS) tool for reviewing search strategies.
  5. Consultation and support for searching the grey literature.

Researchers and faculty members requesting the collaboration of a librarian will:

  1. Fill out the request form to the best of the researcher’s ability.
  2. Extend authorship rights to the librarian based upon criteria provided in the Tiered Service Model (see below), in accordance with the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) for defining the roles and responsibilities of authors and contributors.
  3. Submit a request for a search update using the consultation form. Search updates are considered to be a new search.

The following services are not provided:

  1. Data entry or editing.
  2. Data clean-up, verification or analysis.
  3. Screening for title/abstract or full-text.
  4. Execution of searching the grey literature.
  5. Article retrieval in any format.


  1. Requests for literature search support and PRESS are provided on a first come, first served basis, and are subject to librarian availability. Due to the in-depth and time-intensive nature of this work, requests may be queued. The Health Sciences Library staff will discuss timelines and delivery dates before any work commences.
  2. As projects evolve, the librarian retains the right to change tiers to accurately reflect the nature of the work being conducted, and to refuse co-authorship. Upon publication of the article, the acknowledged or co-author librarian will be provided with a copy of the published manuscript.

Tiered Service Model

Service Level

Librarian Authorship


Tier One


  1. Initial meeting conducted.
  2. Review the consultation form, determining the scope of the project (e.g. systematic review, scoping review, etc.).
  3. Develop a draft search strategy in a single database.
  4. Identification and suggestion of other databases to user for translating search.
  5. Advise on citation management tools.

Tier Two


Tier One plus:

6. Translation and execution of searches into other databases.

7. Removal of duplicates.

8. Provide guidance on searching the grey literature and/or hand searching.

9. Writing of the methods section + search strategy.

Services provided to the public

Members of the community can access the University of Ottawa’s resources with a guest account. In-depth consultation and support for literature searching is not provided.

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