Literature search service for Telfer Faculty

Who can use this service?

Telfer faculty members are welcome to request this service if they are:

  • Using a defined research question to query the published literature
  • Wish to employ a comprehensive and systematic approach to the literature

Why is this service offered?

The Management Library aims to contribute to improved efficiency and quality in the research process of faculty members. In working with faculty members in the literature searching phase, we aim to:

  • Increase confidence in the depth and breadth of the literature captured
  • Produce results and a searching methodology that are reproducible and reportable

What does the faculty member supply?

  • A defined research question or idea
  • A sampling of suggested keywords
  • Three/four relevant references, if available
  • Limits, if applicable (publication dates, study design, publication language, etc.)
  • The names of journals of particular interest, if applicable
  • Need-by date

What will the Librarian supply?

  • A list of references (duplicates removed) with abstracts, supplied in your format of choice:
    • RefWorks link
    • RIS file for EndNote or other citation management software
    • Excel file, text file, PDF or Word document in a standard citation style of your choice
  • Documentation of the searching process, including:
    • Sources searched and the number of results per source
    • Terminology employed including controlled and natural language terms
    • Any shortcomings of the strategy (presence of hidden bias, etc.)

Would you like to request a search?


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