About the Media Centre


  • News 10,000+ online newspapers. Learn more about our resources and new research.
  • Video 50,000+ online videos and DVDs. Learn more about our collections and about using video in class.
  • Images 50,000+ online images. Learn more about our collections, digitization, and reuse.
  • Games 200+ games. Learn more about our video and board games collection.
  • Graphic novels 2,500+ books. Learn more about our graphic novels collection.


  • Borrow DVDs and games for 7 days. Borrow graphic novels for 14+ days.
  • Show films in class. It’s easy with our clip, booking, streaming and digital transfer services.
  • Create Use our lab, high-end computers, and software to create original videos and graphics.
  • Space Book our lab, projection room, and meeting room for group work, training, etc.
  • Technology Borrow technology to create multimedia work.
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