Morisset Library: Food and noise policy

To serve all users, the Morisset Library provides and ensures a clean and quiet research environment.

Drinks and food


  • Hot and cold drinks in covered containers
  • Cold snacks (finger foods like muffins, cookies, fruits, nuts, cold sandwiches)

Not allowed

  • Hot food, including food usually eaten hot (canned food, pasta, etc.)
  • Food is not allowed in the GSG Centre.

Help us to keep the library clean by depositing your waste in the garbage cans and recycling bins.


The library has designated zones to accommodate users needs for silent study and for quiet group and individual study. Look for signs designating red zones, yellow zones and green zones, and choose the area that works best for you.

Red zone (3rd floor partial, 5th floor, 4th floor, 6th floor)

  • A silent place for individual study
  • No conversation
  • No cell phone disturbance

Yellow zone (1st floor partial, 3rd floor partial)

  • A quiet place for group and individual study
  • Minimal conversation
  • Cell phones set to vibrate

Green zone (1st floor)

  • A common area
  • Conversational noise
  • Cell phones set to vibrate
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