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About Covidence

Covidence is a web-based software platform that streamlines the production of systematic reviews.  It supports citation screening, full-text review, risk of bias assessment, extraction of study characteristics and outcomes, and the export of data and references. Anyone with a University of Ottawa email account can have an institutional account to Covidence. It should be noted that, while Covidence specifically mentions systematic reviews, it has also been used for comprehensive literature reviews, scoping reviews, meta-syntheses, meta-narratives, and other types of literature reviews.


Login to Covidence

University of Ottawa affiliated users can sign up for the institutional subscription by following this link, logging in with your University of Ottawa email ( 

Reviews linked to existing University of Ottawa members (who have accounts using their email) will automatically be migrated to the institutional full access subscription in the near future. There will be no loss of data or access. In fact, users with trial accounts will gain access to the functions of the full version of Covidence, including the ability to invite unlimited reviewers and bulk imports of PDFs. The migration hasn't begun yet, but will be done on the back end by Covidence, to ensure a seamless transition. This will occur after consultation with existing University of Ottawa account users.

All University of Ottawa affiliated individuals are covered with this license. If you have a review that is linked to a email that is not, contact An invitation will be send for institutional access.  All new accounts with Covidence should be set up using your email.



Everything you need to know about Covidence can be found on the following LibGuide: For more information, please contact:



Request a Covidence workshop for your team! Fill out the form here. Scheduled workshops to come. Stay tuned!

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