Collection budget update

Posted on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

As described in the most recent library cost reduction communiqué we continue to face a serious budgetary situation regarding the Collections budget for 2016-17.

The contributing factors are: a decreasing budget (we will not be receiving the customary inflationary increase and the collections budget will no longer be protected from the planned across-the-board budget cuts) for 2016-17; a historic drop in the Canadian dollar during the past year; and the assumption that we will not be receiving any one-time allocation to help mitigate this situation.  It is important to be aware that inflation for scholarly journals and databases (largely originating from US publishers) is approximately 6% per year.

As a consequence, we are planning for another cancellation exercise this year in order to reduce our costs. We are in the process of determining the exact amount of our target cut, but can confirm that it will be equal to and possibly larger than last year’s reduction of $1.3 Million. Our goal is to maintain a balanced and representative collection within our financial limitations, and to make equitable decisions on cancellations of ongoing subscriptions for journals and databases. Purchasing power for monographs has also been reduced, with the result that we will purchase fewer monographs than in previous years, particularly for English-language books, which are largely bought from US sources.

We will soon be launching a consultation with faculty and graduate students to provide input on the resources that are deemed to be important for teaching and research. A short bilingual survey will be sent at the end of March. The information we receive will provide input to our decision-making process, along with our own analysis and knowledge of collections-related data.

There will also be an opportunity for others to provide input via a link on this site.

This will be a difficult exercise, and we thank you in advance for your collaboration. We will be keeping you informed of developments in this project. 

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