Library cost reduction strategy update: Access to all on-line journals provided by Springer and Taylor & Francis will continue until further notice.

Posted on Monday, December 5, 2016

December 21, 2016: Discussions between the University and the publishers pertaining to on-line journals will continue into 2017, taking into consideration the important input we have received from faculty and students.  We continue to work with our academic publishing partners towards reaching a favourable agreement.

Please note that access to all on-line journals provided by Springer and Taylor & Francis will continue until further notice.

Since the Library’s September update, making the campus community aware of the difficult decisions taken in light of our financial pressures, we have received important feedback about the impact of these cuts on research, teaching and learning.  We have also heard from you about specific, individual titles that are especially important for your work. We thank you for this input; it is very valuable in understanding the full impact of these decisions on the academic mission of the university.

We have held an initial meeting with representatives from Springer, in order to explain our current situation and launch the negotiations to license a reduced collection of journals that will meet the needs of our community, taking into consideration the input we’ve received and the budgetary constraints that we are under.  We are also reviewing various options available for the Taylor & Francis collection, again, being mindful of faculty and student needs as well as budgetary challenges.   We will keep you informed of developments.

We thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.  We will be posting another update in January.

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