2018 Open Scholarship Awards

Posted on Monday, November 5, 2018

A photo of Jeanette Hatherill, Scholarly Communication Librarian; Dr. Teresa Scassa, Faculty of Law – Common Law Section; Dr. Kelly Cobey, School of Epidemiology and Public Health; Sarah Simpkin, Head, Research Support.

From left to right: Jeanette Hatherill, Scholarly Communication Librarian; professor Teresa Scassa, Faculty of Law – Common Law Section; professor Kelly Cobey, School of Epidemiology and Public Health; Sarah Simpkin, Head, Research Support (Arts & Special Collections).

The University of Ottawa Library is pleased to recognize professors Kelly Cobey and Teresa Scassa as recipients of the 2018 Open Scholarship Awards. Established in 2016, the University of Ottawa Library Open Scholarship Award recognizes leaders who demonstrate excellence in supporting and practicing open scholarship. Open scholarship encompasses all aspects of open access, open data and open educational resources in both teaching and research.

Professor Kelly Cobey is the Publications Officer at the Centre for Journalology, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, and holds an academic appointment at uOttawa's School of Epidemiology and Public Health. She was one of the leaders in a recent publication about predatory journals, published in Nature, and the entire project, from the protocol to the data underlying the results, were made available in the Open Science Framework along with the rest of her research portfolio. Professor Cobey has also strongly advocated for open access and open science and given hundreds of seminars across Ottawa’s academic hospitals and affiliated research institutes on a broad range of topics, including creative commons licenses, open access, and open science.

Professor Teresa Scassa is the Canada Research Chair in Information Law at the Faculty of Law. Focusing on the intersection between law and emerging information technologies, her research touches on a variety of open access issues, including open data and open government. She examines the structure of intellectual property laws and their influence on openness, the inter-relationship of open data/open access and other public policy considerations and how to facilitate open access in particular contexts. She has also worked on issues of protecting traditional Inuit knowledge in data repositories, which pose unique challenges related to balancing openness with the protection of Indigenous knowledge. Professor Scassa has published a large amount of work in open access and makes her work available through subject repositories and our institutional repository, uO Research. She speaks frequently on open access issues before academic, government and civil society audiences, and publishes a blog that addresses a broad range of information law issues.

For more information about the Open Scholarship Award, visit our Scholarly Communication website.

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