Raywat Deonandan receives the 2017 Open Scholarship Award

Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2017

The University of Ottawa Library was pleased to present the 2017 Open Scholarship Award to Dr Raywat Deonandan at a ceremony in Morisset Library on November 3rd. Dr Deonandan is an Epidemiologist and Science Communicator, specializing in Global Health and a tireless advocate for open access in research and in teaching. Since joining uOttawa, Dr Deonandan has published 60 papers in open access journals and, in 2015, he founded "The Intangible Press", an electronic publishing company that produces textbooks for low income countries free of charge with unrestricted access. Dr Deonandan also encourages his students to engage in open access. In 2009, he founded the "Interdisciplinary Journal of Health Sciences", an open access, bilingual, peer-reviewed medical sciences journal managed by undergraduate students. Additionally, students in his 4th year epidemiology class are encouraged to deposit their conference research posters into the University of Ottawa's institutional repository, uO Research. In 2016 Dr Deonandan was given the OCUFA Teaching Excellence Award, partially in recognition of his open access efforts in education, and his ongoing work in transparent education research.

More information on the Open Scholarship Award can be found on our website: http://scholarlycommunication.uottawa.ca/uottawa-initiatives/open-scholarship-award

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