BiblioExpert on demand

BiblioExpert workshops can be requested by faculty, teaching assistants, and students (minimum 5 students are required to request a workshop). 

To request a workshop, fill out the form and indicate which workshop you would like us to give.  Responses to workshop requests will occur within 48 hours.

Three workshops are available on demand:

Understanding your information needs for better searching

  • Searching for information is a complex task that often begins with a question that will frame the process. Using a group activity, this workshop will show how to define a manageable research question, create a concept map of your topic, and determine the type of information you need in order to identify relevant sources and the means by which to access these sources.

Working with your sources:  Avoid common citing and referencing pitfalls

  • Referring to the publications of others to inform and develop your own thinking is an essential component of academic work.  Learn how to reference and list sources. When do you cite? What do you cite? Topics will include a discussion on plagiarism and an overview of the techniques to acknowledge your sources in your assignments, namely the summary, the paraphrase, and the direct quote. The session will also include a brief presentation of frequently used citation styles.

Who’s the expert:  Determining the value of information for your research

  • Locating information is just one step in the research process. Once you have found your sources you need to determine if the information is reputable and if it will meet your needs. During this workshop you will learn strategies that will enable you to evaluate your information. We will provide an overview of selection criteria, as well as an evaluation tool to help you along the way. This workshop will also have a practical exercise thus allowing you to apply the concepts you learned.

If you have any questions regarding workshop content or a workshop request, please send a message to

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