Important Changes at the Library this Fall
Since most of our buildings are closed, some in-person Library services or resources described on this page are currently unavailable. For more details on how the Library can help this semester, check out our services updates or feel free to email us, chat with us, or reach out to a librarian or specialist in your discipline.


The University of Ottawa Library is committed to providing inclusive and accessible spaces and services for everyone.

Accessible Library Materials

The majority of our books and journals are available in electronic format and are available by searching the library catalogue. We can also facilitate access to restricted accessible book collections for students with print disabilities. These are available in various formats: PDF, DAISY text files, ePub and audio MP3.

  • ACE (Accessible Content E-Portal) A repository containing library holdings which have been digitized and made available in accessible formats. You will need a unique token (password) to use the ACE repository. Please contact to get a token. Students must register first with Academic Accommodations.

    *Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ACE scanning is limited. We will work with students to attempt to locate electronic versions of books when not available in ACE.

  • For requests for accessible versions of required course textbooks, please contact Transcription Services . Textbooks must be purchased in order to obtain accessible versions from publishers. If the book is available in the Library you may not be required to purchase it.

Canadian Copyright Act and persons with disabilities:

The Library uses the definition of a print disability or a “perceptual disability” as defined under the Canadian Copyright Act:

… a disability that prevents or inhibits a person from reading or hearing a literary, musical, dramatic or artistic work in its original format, and includes such a disability resulting from;

  •   a.           severe or total impairment of sight or hearing or the inability to focus or move one’s eyes
  • b.  the inability to hold or manipulate a book, or 
  •  c. an impairment relating to comprehension. 

Other accessible resources

Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) An accessible reading service, providing books and other materials to Canadians with print disabilities. Registration with CELA also gives you access to Bookshare, a US-based accessible online library for people with print disabilities with over 700,000 titles. You must have a public library card to access this service.

Assistive technology

Accessible software is available in different library locations. You can also use one of our book scanners to convert text into speech.

Library Accessibility Plan 2019-2024

Read the Library's 2019-2024 Accessibility Plan.

Need help?

The library is committed to providing all University of Ottawa students, faculty and staff equal access to its services and resources, with respect and dignity. If you have any questions or comments about library accessibility services, please contact

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