Important Changes at the Library this Fall
Since most of our buildings are closed, some in-person Library services or resources described on this page are currently unavailable. For more details on how the Library can help this semester, check out our services updates or feel free to email us, chat with us, or reach out to a librarian or specialist in your discipline.

Assistive technology

Screen reading and writing software is available in different library locations. You can also use our book scanners to convert text to voice.

Book a study room with an assistive workstation.


All of the library computers can access the Internet and have Microsoft Office installed. Our assistive technology computers also come with:

  • Jaws (screen reader)
  • Kurzweil (text-to-voice)
  • Zoomtext (screen magnifier)
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking


Morisset Library

  • Room 116
  • Room 117

Brian Dickson Law Library

  • Workstation adjacent to service desk (borrow or bring headphones)

Health Sciences Library

  • Workstation adjacent to service desk (borrow or bring headphones)


  • A self-serve book scanner is available at the Morisset Library, 1st floor, room 142.
  • Scanning to e-mail or USB is free of charge on photocopy machines at each library.
  • A CCTV viewer on a height-adjustable table is available at the Brian Dickson Law Library and the Health Sciences Library.
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