All uOttawa Library locations are CLOSED until further notice
uOttawa Library service updates - All you need to know!

Please note that books and materials with due dates between March 9 and April 24 will be automatically renewed to April 30 and any overdue fines will be suspended. If you wish to return materials, the only book drop that is open on main campus is located outside the Morisset Library.

Last update: March 26 at 2:00 pm.

Affiliated researchers and health professionals

University of Ottawa faculties and departments partner with a number of research centres, institutes and groups in the National Capital Region. Affiliated researchers and health professionals are entitled to use the library resources and services.

Are you affiliated?

Status Your account Borrow with...
Current students and staff Assigned by IT uOttawa employee or student ID
Postdoctoral fellows and assistants who have registered in the postdoctoral program with Graduate Studies Assigned by IT uOttawa ID card
Research Associates in uOttawa research centres and institutes Assigned by IT uOttawa ID card
Research Associates in affiliated research institutes Use Technical support form Institutional ID badge with status
Affiliated members of the Faculty of Medicine (NOT covered by the above sections) Email the Health Sciences Library Director Email the Health Sciences Library Director
Visiting scholars at uOttawa Provided through the sponsorship process, assigned by IT uOttawa ID card or Department Letter
Research assistants to uOttawa faculty members Use Technical support form to request a library account Fill out a request form for research assistants
Research assistants in uOttawa-affiliated institutes Contact your institute's research coordinator SmartLibrary card
Clinical supervisors for the School of Rehabilitation Sciences Contact the School of Rehabilitation Sciences SmartLibrary card

Sponsored Accounts

As the university is a large and complex organization, there are numerous categories of individuals who are entitled to access our licensed resources by virtue of their research or teaching, but who don’t fit the typical profile of a faculty member with an employee number. These include visiting professors; individuals with research grants; conference delegates; volunteers, etc.

For many of these circumstances, Information Technology provides ‘sponsored accounts’ (available for one year) for these individuals. Individuals need to be sponsored by a dean, director, or administrative delegate in order to qualify for a sponsored account.

Not affiliated?

For more information, read our policy.

Forgot your password?

If you know your University of Ottawa student or employee number, call Information Technology, which can provide you with the information you require over the phone.

If you do not have a student or employee number, contact your faculty office.

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