Metadata is data that defines and describes the characteristics of other data, used to improve both business and technical understanding of data and data-related processes.

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Many research communities have their own standards and practices for metadata and most data repositories plainly state the metadata requirements for data deposit. Metadata should contain a level of detail proportionate to the complexity of the research project. At a minimum, metadata will capture the following elements:

  • Title of the dataset or research project
  • Creator
  • Dates - start and end date of project, time period covered by data, modification dates, etc.
  • Subject or content of the data
  • File formats used to store the data
  • Methodology used to collect or create the data, including equipment or software used, experimental protocols, etc.
  • Access rights and restrictions associated with the data

Lamar Soutter Library. New England Collaborative Data Management Curriculum.

Metadata templates

Metadata directories

  • RDA Metadata directory: Lists metadata standards for: arts & humanities, engineering, physical sciences & mathematics, social & behavioral sciences, general research data
  • DDC Disciplinary metadata: Lists metadata standards for: biology, earth sciences, physical sciences, social sciences & humanities, general research data

Selected metadata standards and use cases

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